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  1. It was good fun, though I was a little tired of it by the end! Pro tip I found was to rub the rails with a bit of soap. I did the front first and used a bunch of double sided tape as well as the wedges so it was solid as a rock while the back was flat. when I flipped it I used the screw holes in the neck pocket and the battery cavity to snug it down. I'm going to try and nut out a solution for the pickup without the hole in the back, I don't really like the look of it personally.
  2. Wanna buy one? Only used once on a Sunday.... But seriously @Mr Natural saved me all the head scratching on this jig. just the measurements for stuff like this are gold.
  3. Well, today was radius day, I can report the same as @Mr Natural above - the process felt safe and solid with the jig. it took quite some time, doing 1.5mm per pass but I had zero chip out - other than a little at the start, I changed technique and went around the edges from a better direction before doing a linear pass to remove the rest. All in all the process was a success!
  4. Small update, Today I put together the radius jig - based on @Mr Natural 's details above. I'll probably need to trim the points a bit when I get the base setup, I have some 20mm pipe for the jig to run on.
  5. So a little more progress on this one over the weekend and this evening. I've routed the control and battery cavities, they still need some clean up after the radius but are looking tidier. I made up a battery cover from Merbau and ebonised it, which worked very well. Time will tell if it will be ok post radius but should be able to fettle it. I got the fretboard slotted and glued on and trimmed down. I ebonised that as well. Starting to come together!
  6. It's actually not too bad at all, it's quite small, smaller than it looks in the pics and a large amount of it will be carved away from the font and the back.
  7. More work on this one... I routed the pickup cavity and the angled neck pocket as well as the plane on the body. I've hogged out and chiselled the battery compartment and the control cavity in the back. Bit of a clean up on those with the router and I'll be ready to radius the body!
  8. Definitely an interesting shape, look forward to seeing this come together!
  9. Hi All, I'm throwing this one to you gurus of building and wiring! As detailed in my thread in the build area, I'm putting together a replica of a Turner Model 1. The wiring for it is a bit of a sticking point, while I'm quite experienced in electronics and putting things together as well as reading diagrams etc I'm a bit lost in how to replicate the features on this one, a lot of which seems to be proprietary wizardry! So anyway, the specs I've gathered are: One high output humbucker pickup (Turner makes these in house I understand) Passive Volume and Tone cont
  10. Spent a bit more time on this one today, got the truss rod sorted and the neck trimmed down and radiused the fretboard.
  11. Wow these are incredible, amazing wood too!
  12. I think I'm a bit OCD with dust, I tend to have to stop everything and clean up before doing the next job...
  13. A bit of progress on this one this weekend, body glued band sawn and routed. And with a wipe of mineral spirit:
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