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  1. I fed her a splash of Osmo oil and she came to life
  2. I got a bit more done. She’s starting to look like a guitar now
  3. God only knows.......I suspect a sharp change of direction in the grain allowed it to tear. It matters not though as the smaller piece gives me a reason to build a ukulele somewhere down the line!
  4. I had the use of a thicknesser for a while which was great until it tore half of my top in two. Had to use the standby piece instead, less pretty but a nice piece nonetheless.
  5. The piece I was slicing up last year is the top and headstock veneer. That part is languishing under a load of dust in the attic. Hoping to get that cleaned up and stuck on in the next week or two
  6. I’m finding this part tedious for some reason!
  7. Better start making the guts look pretty before I think about sticking a top on.....
  8. She’s one big piece cut down the middle, flipped over and stick back together. I made a spine out of some kind of rosewood and some Victorian teak as it’s not the hardest lump of mahogany in the world. It did spend 80 years drying out above a fireplace though so it rings nicely. It’s heavily hollowed out so is getting fairly lightweight now. I think it will be a bit of a challenge getting everything perfectly true and flat with the tools I have but who doesn’t love an uphil struggle eh?
  9. So I got round to doing a bit more.....
  10. This little pup got rebirthed! The body shape got tweaked a little, made a pick guard, stuck a tone knob on, fitted a new fretboard and by pulling the bridge back a couple of inches and refretting it was able to turn it from a 19.5” scale to a 22” scale. I made a new bridge that is still having its design tweaked. I cleaned up the control cavity, insulated it better and sink the pickup a little deeper into the body. It sounds all twangy and nice now
  11. My bridge, pickup ring, knobs, trussrod cover and control cover all landed this afternoon in the form of a fabulously busty fairly old ebony lady that came via eBay. After looking at the price of ebony in timber form it struck me that this is the best way for me to buy. Well seasoned, cheap, kinder on the forest and there’s a good chance its sale benefited a local person at its point of origin instead of a cruel logging company......that’s what I’d like to think anyway! Either way it’s 4lbs of rock hard ebony so I’m happy.
  12. It was horrible! The piece was 25mm thick. I needed two pieces at roughly 10mm each. My head told me that by the time I’d got through it (bearing in mind my saw is about 2” longer than the timber) I’d have lost about 4 or 5mm through saw wander. As it transpired that’s just about how it ended up so happy days!
  13. I’ve got one very pumped up shoulder and have passed about 3 pints of sweat. Need to sit down until October
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