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  1. I love the detailed explanation of not only the process, but the thinking behind it.
  2. That tiger's eye is to die for! I might have to try that on one of my builds.
  3. LOL! Gorgeous build Andy! You are an inspiration (one of many on this board).
  4. A pair of four way rotary switches with a three way toggle would give a LP style appearance, but with a bunch more options. Plus, the rotaries would be easier to mount.
  5. For getting a true flat surface on a neck (or other part), I like a piece of granite from a counter shop. So far, I have had excellent luck getting cast off pieces from an order. I just go to the stone shop and ask if I can buy a chunk of left over granite. Since I don't care what it looks like, it's easy to source the stone. I have gotten chunks left over from sink cut outs and end cuts for free. I use pressure sensitive adhesive backed sandpaper and run the part over the stone instead of the other way around.
  6. Looks like shoddy templates to me, but a total newb.
  7. I saw the four position Telecaster switches that Obsidian offers and got to thinking I could use two of those to create an interesting sound chain in a dual humbucker design (one switch per humbucker). My thinking is that I can wire the switches to give me the following options: single coil (bridge side), single coil (neck side), both single coils (parallel), and humbucker. Combine that with a three way toggle switch (ala Les Paul) and I imagine I could have the ability to create a guitar with 24 pickup sounds (4 single coil, 6 dual single coil, 3 humbucker, 4 tripple single coil, 1 quad sin
  8. Lovely guitar you built there. Anyone should be happy to have it in their collection.
  9. I hear that. I already have my next 5 builds planned. So far, the next three are kits, but I plan to build a scratch made body for the fourth in line.
  10. As I get more into the woodworking aspect of guitar building, I will need to invest in a dust collection system. I will probably cobble something together using a Shopvac and HEPA filter.
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