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  1. This is a really great tear down. Thx @Carl Maltby. Only thing missing are pictures of work piece, but there are videos for that. It also makes more sense when you directly compare the sanders to look at the results. I just had one Festool sander in my hands 2-3 years ago and it also felt a bit too thick to grip, especially at handle section further back. I don't have gigantic hands, while they aren't small. A lot of day in day out woodworkers have pretty huge hands, but even then...only the ones with biggest hands would call it comfortable. Maybe they want it that way...just guiding
  2. Hello Madhattr88,

    I just stumbled over your amazing "The Royal" Build. I love the Inlay, the overall shape and how you Spade complete the shape in the fretboard. I'd really like to watch all the steps in your old building thread, BUT all the pictures are gone-.-.

    Could you please reupload those pictures? I don't know where you uploaded them the last time, maybe try something lasting like Flickr.

    I'll check out your more recent builds, but I'd still like to follow "The Royal" build through all the stages.


    Mountain Goat

    Bavaria, Germany

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