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  1. The “Savart-Nought” Trapezoid Guitar It takes a special kind of idiot to become intensely interested in the size and shape of violins crafted by a long-dead physicist like Felix Savart (1791-1841). Luckily, I am just that type of grinning moron. Felix was known for a bunch of stuff. He invented the “Savart” which is a unit of measurement for musical intervals. He built a device to measure the range of human hearing (Savart’s Wheel). The man seemed to be very into several things, not the least of which were acoustics, vibrating bodies, and naming stuff af
  2. The Blue Lagoonitar . . . despite it's odd appearance (I enjoy building odd instruments) this critter plays. Here's a video. The Blue Lagoonitar Video What we have here is a, 4-string, tenor, rectangular, resonator guitar featuring a cone cover that is in fact the mutilated hubcap of a 1961 Ford Falcon. It's painted with Rustoleum's finest "Lagoon Blue" gloss enamel, and the body is from whatever bits and pieces I found lying around the shop. If memory serves (and increasingly it doesn't) the instrument is mostly oak and poplar, The technical aspects of this blue reso ar
  3. The Roasting Pan Resonator . . . a 3-string, resonator guitar handcrafted primarily from flotsam and jetsom discovered around the house and/or in some of southern Missouri's most discriminating junk emoriums (with the exception of cone, etc from Stew Mac). I'm including a video, should you wish to hear how the beast sounds. The Roasting Pan Resonator was built in my garage, with assistance from numerous spiders, roaches, and at least one lizard. I've built a couple hundred instruments over the years - some I sell, some I keep, and some I give away to friends/family. The only consistency
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