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  1. I have also thought long and hard about how to finish my guitars so far I have used textured paint , polyurethane satin, and nitrocellulose gloss clear coat. I find textured paint hides a lot of blemishes while nitrocellulose gives a deep gloss shine. I have just purchased some teak oil for my next project and will post pics when done.
  2. Got a lot more pics if you want to see after cutting and planning?.
  3. Sorry for not explaining enough. the table was purchased from GumtreeUK £450. the only problem with rosewood is the weight, this took 3 of us to carry. as you can see it is or was 60mm thick took 2 days to cut and plane in my shed. with the legs I have enough for 12 bodies 8 necks 18 fretboards although the one pictured is wenge fretboard. it is a rather heavy guitar as you can imagine. About me well this is my hobby and I build in my shed in the garden. All guitars are cut shaped routed by hand as I don’t have cnc just a bandsaw and Agee other bits and bobs. have already made a reverse explorer with this table . If anyone wants to see let me know and I will post.
  4. here is my first build floating trem guitar. beech body, maple neck, wenge fretboard. full 24 fret 2 octave 25.5 inch neck scale, guitarheads active pickups. any comments welcome
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