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  1. Wow, I am in awe as I do not have the talent to do that sort of artistic work. I can envision things with straight lines lurking inside of a pile of wood, but nothing that ornately detailed. Great skill there, Mr. ScottR!
  2. TreasureState

    April 2019

    I can see my reflection from here in that glossy shine - nice build! If there was a demo video, I must have missed it, but the guitar looks amazing.
  3. I love these write ups, thanks for posting these time and frustration savers in the shop!
  4. Great article. If someone wanted to have a go at a DIY solution, here is one method for doing a shop made variation at home:
  5. +1 for Ace Hardware. Our store here in Helena, MT is known for stocking all of those hard to find bits.
  6. I am really getting a lot out of these how-to write ups. Thank you for taking the time to document them here!
  7. Thank you to all of the people with the experience who take the time to post these tutorials for us n00b's.
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