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  1. Aww, thanks mate. Yeah I definitely considered a fence and templates. Frankly I just knew it would end up a massively over complex time hole when I'm taking so long as it is. I think inlaying like this would be better if done pre radius. Or I could have perhaps took my time with hand tools. What I should have done really was construct the whole thing in plastic then inlay it one fret segment as a time I reckon.
  2. Latest vid. I definitely made some bad choices here... but I'm employing the ol squinting and tellng myself its fine technique.
  3. Thanks Ron. A.d finlayson who is on here too has a YouTube channel also. Not sure if there are others.
  4. Hi all. I must be the only person who's made far less progress than normal under lockdown. Oh well. Here it is. My latest progress.
  5. Oh hai.. lol Mine was/is one piece wenge 2"thick, with a 3/4" cap. I'll post a vid at the end of this post for reference. Doing things in the wrong order is always the biggest challenge of a first build I've found. Hand sawing the block is valid. I'm thinking of buying some steel bars and bolting them together with washer spacers to make a mitre block, so you can really put some muscle in to it. Hand planing the boards before gluing them would have probably been quite therapeutic.. Just thinking outside the box a little. If you wanted to go the inexpensive over complicat
  6. Thanks. That sounds like I have options. I'm guessing epoxy to epoxy you want a thicker layer, both surfaces impregnated first?, and no significant clamp pressure?
  7. Does anyone know if wood glues will bond to epoxy impregnated wood? As regulars will know im making a palmwood neck and im thinking about the gluing in and finishing process. I'm seriously considering brush on epoxy as a finish as I think impregnating the soft wood with this will do well to strengthen it. Thinking about glue up. I'm sure it will be ok with traditional methods but I'm thinking it would add strength and help avoid a catastrophic failure if I can impregnate the gluing area also. If I did this would glue still work? wood glue? polyurethane? epoxy itself? Epoxy fo
  8. Hi all. I'm based in north east England. I'm thinking of making a couple of builds akin to a gold top let paul. I'm wondering if anyone knows where i can buy plain maple/sycamore caps, or boards to process down. I haven't seen anything that works out cheaper than lower grade flame maple caps.
  9. Given how long its taking me to make my first guitar i'm not in danger of needing branding for a company any time soon, but it doesn't hurt to think about logos and branding etc. I've pretty much resided to the fact its Doing to be David Imrie Guitars (DIG). I'd thought about something made up like.. Blue Tree Guitars Weird Tree Guitars and something geographical around my location. But names seem to work. I doodled (roughly in paint) some logo ideas. Thoughts?
  10. Fair comment. I did go over the lines with a blade but to be honest the blade was much thinner than the saw so didn't do much to get it started.
  11. Finlayson factory tour... lol Yeah I actually bought a 2nd hand Coolpix type camera that I want to permanently mount above the bench as a 2nd cam. I also have a google pixel phone that films better than my SLR in some respects. Its just a bit confined for space in the shed, and my time is limited enough without faffing with 3 cameras. lol All these plans hinging on getting the new workshop space sorted. The optimum tripod position is also the optimum place to stand. One thing that's worth noting: I think is Me n Thee both have our benches against the wall. If you have a
  12. Lol. Yeah I don't think there is much between me n ash in terms of quality of vids any more, although I'm slightly jealous of his multi camera setup. I have a tendency to talk a lot more about my thoughts which I think could bore some people but interest others. I think the main difference is he puts in several hours a night and I only put in a couple of hours a week if that. So by this point despite starting around the same time he's many builds in and has more experience to pass on. He sounds a lot more like he knows what he's doing, where as I'm just learning. I think most people want taugh
  13. Funnily enough I had all three of those thoughts The mitre box is too shallow I could extend the height of it fairly easily with some shims.. but I think I will be ok if I just measure carefully and take my time. The idea for plugging the hole is cool but I couldn't think of anything that I thought would look right and be an easy fit. Thanks as always for watching. Having a bit of a head scratched at the moment. I can't seem to pick up new subscribers
  14. Latest vid is up... I think I overdid It with the dust and glue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBkMBe4u4Dw&feature=youtu.be I'm thinking for the 2nd attempt after taking much care to draw the frets... score with a craft knife then freehand saw again
  15. Latest is up. I feel this is one of the more interesting vids...
  16. Latest vid is up: I made a bad call in covering the back of my headstock in temporary spray adhesive. Anyone know a good way to get goo off? Its weak glue. feels like soap n water would do it but don't want to soak if for obvious reasons.
  17. haha. Yes that would have been sensible. I don't show it in the video but if you look closely i did actually cut the very end before sanding as I found sanding in to end grain a lot slower. Yes it is the same with most electronics. Screen panels are a good modern example.
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