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  1. That's true but not the case here. Good addition for accuracy, though.
  2. It goes to show that everything is possible but if one sees it once in 30 years or more the possibility for it to happen is once in a lifetime. Like winning in the lottery, 7 numbers out of 40 or whatever it is in your whereabouts... Someone always wins but there can be weeks between the big wins. Or, as happened to a friend, there were two coupons to share the second lowest prize of about 2.5 millions - and the other coupon was split into 50 shares! 24000 is a nice sum but it could have been a million...
  3. As @curtisa said, it's about looks only. I've never thought about or even heard about worrying about the tang chipping wood. Now that you mentioned it, I can imagine that a stud of a tang might end up right at the edge of the fretboard which might be visible. It's common practise to cut and level the fret ends including the tangs after having hammered them in. If (rather 'since') your fret slots are a bit deeper it's also common practise to fill the gaps with dust and glue. Some people take that one step further and cut the tangs a bit so they can hide the tang ends with dust and g
  4. Good thinking. The main thing is that you're aware of potential issues and have thought about how severe they may be.
  5. That will push the neck pickup closer to the bridge which may remove some thickness and warmth from the sound. I.e. the neck pu would sound more similar to the bridge pu.
  6. That would have been exactly the word I would have started my answer with. @JayT, consider this confirmed.
  7. It's a municipal guitar building course during wintertime in the town workshop, tutored by Master Luthier Veijo Rautia of Rautia Guitars
  8. If I'm right, the 20-30 min drying time is for the poly to become stiff so it won't run. Way back I recall having used some rattle can paint where the label told to spray several thin coats with a similar drying time in between to avoid runs. At the class we were taught to spray the 2k "wet on wet", meaning that the finish had to be tacky but no longer runny before applying a new layer in order to get a thick uniform layer. If that was not an option, the finish had to properly cure/dry for a week or longer and sanded matte before applying a new layer. Spray can products can be tricky!
  9. I suppose they wouldn't stand the downward pressure of the strings. Aluminium is pretty soft, even so soft you can use woodworking tools on it if you're careful. Making the base for the sliders should be doable if you have a circular saw with adjustable speed. Make a fence or two to guide the saw and run shallow passes. A router should also work in a similar manner. Both can be handheld or table versions. If you want to play it safe, let a machine shop do it for you with tools dedicated to the task. The brass pieces could be made out of a brass bar, hand tools should suffice. I
  10. Logically thinking anything that evaporates does it faster when the temperature raises. @Drak already mentioned viscosity, which means the paint itself is more fluid when warm. Wasn't it you who mentioned keeping rattle cans in hot water to make the stuff come out the nozzle more easily and evenly? However, heating doesn't make paint any thinner, it just makes it more fluid. A thinning solvent is what makes cold paint more viscous which is why you should use it more in cold conditions. Thinking about pitch may help figuring or remembering this: As such it's solid to the point you ca
  11. That's not an excuse! Age is just numbers... Or maybe I'll change my mind during the next winter? As for rigor, it fluctuates. I didn't know the word before, then I connected it to 'mortis' which is a pair of words I know the meaning of. Even that is temporary.
  12. In that case I recommend the 610 mm lengths from Madinter. Easy to bend to the desired radius and only two offcuts.
  13. I just saw one, and the guy already had grey hair so he wasn't a newbie. And 'inches' in his case was exaggerating the distance! A quarter or half at the max both on the circular table saw and the table router! Scary as hell!
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