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  1. Here's one, called Top Load: https://www.guitarpartsresource.com/gbridge_acoustic.htm Some instructions for making one: https://customguitars.com/making-a-pinless-guitar-bridge/ https://www.jimmyegypt.com/photo-gallery/guitar-repairs-portfolio/making-an-elegant-pinless-bridge-in-ebony/ While searching I found a video about changing a pin less one to a pinned one. While there was some good information the explanation for the original bridge having become loose because of being top loaded and not secured with bolts was utterly wrong! Even on the video it was obvious that the bridge ha
  2. Some more progress today. Making templates is tedious! However, there's now a countersunk control cavity and I can use the same template for the cover. The smallest holes are for the ferrule block, however I ended up drilling individual holes instead of a single channel simply because there was no suitable router bit. And there was no 8 mm wood drill bit with a center spike so I used the 7 mm one and a regular 8 mm HSS to enlarge the holes - which ended up the row being somewhat slanted! Argh! It can be fixed, though, either by inlaying the block slanted or widening the holes to straighten the
  3. That may well be true. However we don't have routing templates for necks. My previous bolt-on neck pocket was routed using a template made by our Master for his commercial builds, intended to be used with a bushing and a 10 mm bit. The neck drawing templates match with the originals which obviously aren't metric so rounding the edges has to be made by eye. That's the reason why I went square and used a makeshift template. Also as the wood is very soft it's easy to chisel the corners after routing.
  4. Some more progress last Saturday: Pickup cavities routed. Had to make the template first and I must say the fitting is snug! Masking tape and super glue was used to keep the template in place and for some odd reason the 3M masking tape ripped some fibres off. Pushed them back in with CA but I may have to plane the body thinner for a better fix unless the radiusing I've planned takes care of the issue.
  5. Still the same. The only difference is that on Edge and Chrome there's just a rectangle, on Firefox there's a two row four digit code starting with an F. I unplugged my router yesterday to refresh the connection. I also shut my computer down by pressing Shift at the same time to get a fresh startup. And I've set my browsers to wipe all history when closing. For testing I also changed my name servers to those provided by my ISP and rebooted. No change so I'll change the changes.
  6. One option is to buy sandpaper in rolls. They come in various widths making it easier to match your sanding block. That way you can easily cut disposable pieces instead of partially ruining a large sheet. Another option is to get a cabinet type system for used papers as well. Marking the grit on smaller pieces is clever.
  7. Hi, there's something wonky here, all tha places where there should be an icon of sorts only show a rectangle like these It most likely isn't at my end as I've tried two different browsers and my tablet. They share the same connection, though, but I guess a bad network would affect all sites.
  8. Are you talking about the direction of this thread or the lighting of your whereabouts?
  9. Hee haw! That's a nice piece of fake history you've got there! Just for clarification the above is meant as a kudo.
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