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  1. Heres my opinion. The second one looks really great. Natural with a black burst is a terribly cool paintjob. Just get a picture of the Jackson KE1 of Marty Friedman in that color, its giving you an erection... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/T00L/IMG_0179.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/T00L/IMG_0176.jpg Also I'd say, if you have the budget, you could bind in white the fretboard (ebony of course) and the headstock to give a nice color tone variation. To finish, the Ibanez type of headstock, not good... Gotta change that I would expect to see 3L - 3R kind of head
  2. daaaaaaam I cant wait to see the final shots Precision work right there...
  3. most of the BC Rich I saw were bolt-on... Anyway, why getting one instead of just making it...
  4. Wow nice job. Stripping or binding on the fingerboard ??? If its really stripping, I'd like to know your secret
  5. JB/Jazz combo from Seymour Duncan. Its a SH4 JB in the bridge and a SH2N Jazz in the neck. These are sold in a set called the Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Pickup set. They are used by my idol Dave Mustaine and alot more people. They are also the Seymour Duncan's favorite combo. The SH4 JB has a high output with powerful highs which gives a freaking nice sound. The SH2N Jazz has a medium output and adds a nice sound combined with the SH4.
  6. Its just that you see them everywhere. All I see and hear is Ibanez, Ibanez, Ibanez. Even if its custom built, it still a Ibanez body. But hey its your choice and taste I respect it. Its just that I think you could make better than that, something that is rare or even something you designed yourself. There is so many Ibanez in the world, its not original anymore.... Hell what do I know, I shut myself up.
  7. Great project in perspective, but I must say I'm tired of seeing Ibanez's.
  8. Wow, gorgeous work. Is that your first guitar ??? If so, you're pretty good. Man I'd like to have those skills and this guitar
  9. Wow, nice work. And also, thanks for the idea of the bridge grouding hole. I was asking myself where I should put the hole to ground my TOM, now I know
  10. great work so far But I dont like the upper horn. I think that makes the upper notes (from high strings) untouchable. I hope you have long fingers lol
  11. Bridge grouding looks so complicated... :'( I think I'm gonna die just thinking about it... lol
  12. if the wire is uncovered and pressed between the bridge and the wood, the electricity wont burn the wood ???
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