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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm happy that I went ahead and did it. Also I thought you all may be interested in another project I've just started alongside the two guitars (which I might add I'm already struggling to find time to work on haha).
  2. Got the "veneer" glued in. Planed down level with the body. Routed. Spot the veneer. Not perfect but a little bit more work with the scraper and it'll be a nicer fit than before. Here is a test fit of the neck.
  3. I still have all of the offcuts of the cedar from when I rough cut the body. I don't toss any offcuts away until I've finished a build just in case I need them for things. So I could make up a veneer. The gap at its widest is about 1mm. I note Bizman's comment although given that I've seen brand new Fenders with larger gaps than what mine has I'm wondering whether it is even worth worrying about. I should note as well that here in Canberra it is very dry and cold at the moment. So in summer and when we relocate to a more humid city I would anticipate that the gap will get smalle
  4. Got the neck flush routed and drilled the tuner holes. I also started tidying up the roundover transitions around the neck pocket. Then the test fit and the disappointment set in. The fit is sloppy. And I still need to sand the neck which will make things worse. Clearly somewhere in the template making process I wasn't accurate enough. Now I'm debating whether to ignore it (considering it's a bolt on neck so it's more an aesthetic thing than a functional issue) or glue a piece of veneer into the pocket to tighten it up.
  5. For everyone following along, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this project. I've just had a few things competing for my time. But I have glued up the body blanks and yesterday I did rough cut the body. Next job is to finish up my working templates for it so I can check the fit of a few things and then do the routing.
  6. ADF what plans are you using for your PRS style builds. That's next on my list after I finish my Rick, Strat and a Violin build (hmm I have a few projects, when does this become an addiction haha).
  7. Got around to doing the truss rod rout today. And then got my router back in the table and did the roundover on the body. I still need to do the roundover transitions near the neck pocket and the arm and belly carves.
  8. Despite dragging my feet a bit I've got some stuff done. I need to get this one close to being ready for the finish so I can turn my full attention to the Rick build. Cavities routed and a test fit of the neck template. It's a little loose but considering how cold it is at the moment and with low humidity I'm happy with that, less chance that in summer there becomes an issue with the neck pocket being too tight. And checking again that my choice of hardware colour is going to look ok. I need to rout the truss rod cavity in the neck then I can put my router back in th
  9. And a new toy arrived a couple days ago to replace my really cheap auto parts store gun that I had been using.
  10. I have been slowly ticking along with things when I get a chance. Got the neck blank jointed and glued up. All cleaned up. Cleaned up the pieces for the body blank. Joint looks pretty good, I'll glue it up in the next few days and then I can cut it out the rough shape.
  11. So I looked closely at the piece of Greenstone Mallee today and it's too twisted to use unfortunately. I'll have to source another blank for a fretboard. I also noticed that the neck blank has shifted a bit since it was thicknessed. Even though it isn't dead flat I'll still progress forward with it because it's only a very small amount of bow and I'll check for any sign of twisting tomorrow.
  12. Neck blank all marked up. Truss rod slot is next.
  13. My neck blank is pretty much dead on 19mm and the truss rod slot depth needs to be around 11mm deep for the two-way rod I have. So hopefully I shouldn't run into that problem. The neck is almost exactly the same as my telecaster thinline that I built so hopefully there shouldn't be any issues. It wasn't as thin as 4.5mm but the thicknesser had also taken a divet out of the board so by the time I removed that it likely would've been below 4.5mm. Considering I had a couple other fretboard blanks sitting here, the easiest thing was to give the board to another bloke who has something e
  14. Made a mistake tonight and thicknessed the sheoak fretboard too thin. So the fretboard will now be a piece of greenstone mallee which is the second board from the left.
  15. Haha hadn't you heard that the resin in the MDF is the secret ingredient for tonewood? Lol
  16. Do you mean can I turn the tuners without my hand hitting other tuners?
  17. It's been a busy few weeks but now that I will have some free time again, it's time to get back into it. Decided today was a good day to mock up the headstock using MDF to see if the tuners I purchased fit. It's tight but there doesn't appear to be any tuners the collide with each other.
  18. What sort of guitars were they? Without chambering I'd imagine they were heavy.
  19. I just bought a sheet of aluminium and made it from that. However, the woodwork club that I am a part of actually has a forge so maybe for my next project I can learn to smelt the metal as well haha.
  20. I mentioned on my Rick build that I also am working on a strat build. This will be a slightly longer post as it contains everything I've done up until today. I have an idea for some custom inlays but I need to work out how to rout the fretboard really accurately for them as I'm a bit of a perfectionist. And I'm going to get my wife to design a headstock shape. Body - Australian Red Cedar Neck - Queensland Maple Fretboard - Sheoak Here is the Fretboard and Body Blank. Body Blank with a bit of spirit rubbed on it. Rough cut body.
  21. So I've been a little quiet as I've been quite busy and no work has happened on the Rick build. But my maple has arrived and I have a piece of Australin timber called Wadjil which I'll use for the fretboard if I have enough thickness left after I take the twist out of it. My next step is to make a template of the headstock and do a mock up to check that the tuners all fit together. Hopefully I'll get to that and making the rest of the working templates in a few weeks. I also need to finish the new saddles for the bridge and make the tailpiece parts now that I've tweaked the design. He
  22. Yeh I'd never heard of the Seagull until someone messaged me and asked if I could draw a basic plan so he could make a routing template.
  23. I can send you PDFs or Illustrator Files of you would prefer rather than grabbing the images from here.
  24. One of the things I actually enjoy about the build process is drawing plans. Here are plans I've drawn so far for guitars that either don't have plans available or it is difficult to find, all of them are still being refined and having details added so they are at different stages of completeness. However, if you would like any of them then send me a message and I'm happy to share them. As with all plans you should print them and create templates and test fit everything to ensure everything fits properly first. BC Rich Eagle BC Rich Seagull Malcolm Young Gretsch
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