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  1. its not as much as it sounds, small & suitable potentiometers is my biggest hurdle (especially given that what I actually want is something that gives me location feedback, lick a click, or center locator. multicore is no problem as one jack outvybe guitar would be a trs with 2 signals on one anyway, and letting the mixer handle it is fine when im cabled, but not so fine when im wireless.... sometimes ill just use 2x wireless bodypacks, but i want the option to just use 1x... imagine having to do gigs without volume , tone knobs, or pickup selectors on your guitar, and then you w
  2. Just got a new gigging acoustic (cole clarke angel), but immediateley noticed what I'm missing from my old gig axe, a crafter SA (similar to the more popular taylor T5), in that it has tge ability to switch and blend peizo and electromagnetic pickups which was great for looping. so, I have orded a soundhole humbucker to put in it, an "a little thunder" which has a 6 string output. and an octaver bass only output. rather than start hacking into my new guitar, I'm opting for external mixing/eq, BUT, I use wireless most of the time, so I need a passive bodypack mixer before my wireless.
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