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  1. I'm thinking of doing a flying v in aluminium next but have to find someone who can anodise it for me, this one is clear laquered but it scratches easily and is a pain to get looking smooth and without dust showing
  2. Here you go Demiurge,they say a picture's worth a thousand words so I've taken it apart just for you ( how good am I ) The strip round the side is glued on and the front and back panels are held on with 66 stainless button head screws drilled and tapped into the ash frame. Aluminium is a bitch to work on as its scratches so easily and you cant just sand it down like wood
  3. Heres the final episode in my trilogy This ones called the Terminator and was built for my son who's a Muse fan. It has a through neck of mahogany and a frame 3/4" wide of ash to support the aluminium skin which is 0.05" thick I've used Sperzel non locking tuners and a Floyd Rose trem in satin chrome to go with the brushed finish on the body. Bridge pickup is from a PRS Santana and at the neck there is a Fernandez sustainer. It also has a built in overdrive.
  4. Wow ! that looks awesome , are you spraying in a booth to keep dust at bay or is there a secret I havn't been told ?
  5. thanks for the feedback , the bridge is one I ordered from an ebay store in the USA trouble is I can't remember which one . I'll look through my records and see if I can find out for you . The quality wasn't wonderfull but it was ok . The trussrod cover is made from the same rosewood as the fretboard and help on with double sided adhesive tape. I've almost finished a full sized twin pickup version of this guitar so I'll post pics as soon as it's done
  6. I seem to remember seeing a kit for doing this sort of thing at our local craft supply store. It was called marbling or marblizing or something like that. I had some panels done a long time ago by a guy who painted wood to look like marble. He started with a dark blue basecoat then painted veins into it using oil based paint, applied with the tip of a feather, next he flicked white spirit all over it and smudged it all about using a large very soft badger hair brush. the whole thing was then coated in varnish after a couple of days drying time. All the time he was painting he had a pint
  7. Hi Jacob, can you post a link to a picture of the swirl effect your trying to achieve
  8. 32 years ago to be precice, I recently did a refinish/refit on this one so I thought I'd share it with you As you can see it"s a blatent rip off of the yamaha sg2000 shape (only chosen because santana was playing one at the time and he's the man) the neck I took off an old Eko guitar I bought off a friend for £15 - one day I'll get round to making a new one for it. body is a nice piece of mahogany that I put a subtle arch in the top of - I'm not sure if that shows in the photo. the pickups are Mighty Mite Motherbuckers scale length is 24.75" when I made this the only power tool I had
  9. The joint will need to be really rigid as any slight movement will cause the paint to crack. Of course you could put a layer of carbon fibre over the front and back to give it a race car look and strengthen it up at the same time
  10. cad/cam, routers, bandsaws !! whats going on with schools these days ? When I was at school all we had was an adze and a forest !
  11. on the design side I tried not to copy any existing style but if youlook in guitar books it's very difficult not to come up with something that looks a bit like another guitar. the upper fret access is a bit limited as the guitar is actually about 7/8 scale. it has a scale length of 24.75" and in order to reduce the reach to the first fret for her (only 10 remember so a small rock godess ) I set the neck into the body a bit morre than usual. I guess I could have cut away the lower horn more but didnt want to compromise the design. Also I wanted to keep it as simple as poss -1 pickup (kent
  12. The finish is melamine lacquer which is applied with a cloth and buffed to a shine. As for not playing I can make noises but if you asked me to play a tune I couldn't. I built my first guitar 30 years ago and told myself if I built one I'd learn to play it but I guess I just never did and that guitar ended up in the loft untll 3 years ago when my son wante to learn. Since then I've done 4 more so stay tuned as they say ! I showed this pic to a client of mine recently and he said "why would you bother to make it when you can just go to a shop and buy one?" and you thought all the philist
  13. thanks for the thumbs up guys, the wood for the neck was in my dads garden shed for 40 years so I liberated it for the project and found the knot when I started work and thought I'd leave it there as a sort of logo the total cost of this project came to £96 thanks to ebay and wood scrounging. I'e got no sound clips cause I gave it away and ( confession time ) I can't play !
  14. Ok guys its time to stand up and be counted. Last year a friend of mine gave me a piece of ash that used to be a step in his photo studio so in return I made the Mollycaster as a surprise 10th birthday present for his daughter and here it is . your comments would be appreciated. The step was large enough for 4 guitars and i've just started the last of them.
  15. It'd be a crime to stain that ! . danish oil gets my vote
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