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  1. OK... I was thinking using a loc-tite type compound. very little, just enough to give it a resistance. My thoughts are the tension should be enough to hold but, would use a compound for extra assurance. I didn't mean to hi-jack this post. If I did, I do apologize. Been searching for awhile and got a bit excited when I found this article. If there is a different area to post tech of build questions, I will use that next time.
  2. Ah... Prefect. Thank you for your help. It will save me the time adding the inserts, as I thought would be the way to go. I'll use them for the pick ups. Thanks again. I'm glad I found this site. May become a regular here
  3. Thanks for your reply. I apologize, the 1st. image is just an example of the type I'm trying to do. Each string sits on a separate slotted screw head, where you can turn the screw to raise and lower the action. Similar to the pick-up adjustment you have in your post. This image is closer to what I'm looking to do. Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks.
  4. Hey Folks, I'm looking for something like this for an independent nut. One for each string. Can't find any small enough. Any suggestions? Building a fretless and need very close clearance at the nut. Something like this. Figured this would also look better than a standard nut. Thanks Frankimuni
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