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  1. Yes, but unfortunately I cut fret slots in before rough-cutting the board to shape, so the offcuts are slotted. I might be able to salvage them or glue them so the slots are aligned accurately.
  2. I've been thinking a lot about this option. Since the width at the nut is currently correct, the maple "binding" would taper off toward the nut. I honestly think this would be a cool look, but it's definitely not the kind of aesthetic I originally had in mind for this build. There are two alternatives for laminating. a) First glue up maple and rosewood in the correct thicknesses, make wedges from that assembly, and then glue those to the neck. This would give the most natural look, but if not done accurately there would be some odd looking spots. For example, you'd likely see
  3. Upon further investigation my neck is indeed too narrow toward the heel. Here's what happened... When I made my template I knew that the width at the nut and bottom of the neck needed to be accurate so I checked the dimensions in my model and sanded them to exact width. When I realized my neck was too long I cut off an inch from the bottom of the neck, and in doing so the heel was moved to a thinner part of the neck. I didn't realize this at the time, so now I've got an extra skinny neck. So what do we do about this? I set up an experiment by placing the bridge 25.5 inches from
  4. Haha - I know what you mean. I got pretty good at making MDF templates after realizing my drawings weren't sized appropriately.
  5. There is a taper. There's a bunch of extra rosewood above the nut that I think is making a bit of an optical illusion. That material will get removed when I cut the headstock down to final thickness. I just measured, and I'm sitting at right about 1.7" at the nut and 1.89" at the 12th fret. That should give me just about the right width for my tremolo saddles at the bridge. Thanks for looking out though! I'm 100% expecting someone on this site to find a critical error somewhere in the build process. So far so good
  6. Thanks! I was worried that I had overlooked something critical, so glad to hear my setup will likely work out.
  7. Hi All, Sorry for the long time between posts! I'm finding that I'm a more diligent builder than blogger Anyway, I've made a bit of progress on this build. Still a long way to go, but honestly I'm quite proud of how far I've managed to get so far. It's starting to look like a real guitar! I started by making templates from 1/8" plywood and then transferring those to MDF. I used the plywood first because it was a bit easier for me to shape and transferring to the MDF helped me practice with the router. I was then able to cut out the body blank. Neck Templates Th
  8. Heartbreaking! Good news is it looks like the split will glue up and not be noticeable. For future designs be careful about cutouts with a small radius (like the pointy end of your teardrop shape), especially in the direction of the grain. Cracks will tend to propagate from those points. On the other hand that's one of the coolest looking headstocks I've seen in a long time.
  9. I'm glad you posted this image. I was already over-thinking the jig in my head. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.
  10. It does look good in silver! But I actually haven't decided on a color for the finish. I'm almost definitely going to go with a solid color but I'm waiting for the guitar to tell me what color it wants to be lol. I'm definitely open to color suggestions. The pickguard material I bought is black.
  11. Thanks! Setting the neck is probably one of the two steps I'm most worried about. That and sawing the fret slots. I've got the correctly sized fret saw from stewmac, but their fret sawing jig was a little beyond my budget for build #1. I'm going to have to figure out how to make my own jig.
  12. Hi PG Squad! I've been a long time lurker on this forum, and with quarantine keeping me at home I finally dove into my first ever build. Here are the specs: Shape: Solid body inspired roughly by Fender offsets, specifically the Meteora Body wood: Alder Scale: 25,5inch Neck: Bolt-On Maple Fretboard: 22 Fret Rosewood, inlays tbd Bridge: Fender tremelo Pickups: Fender 57'/62' reissue Controls: Standard s-type Tuners: Gotoh locking I started by designing the guitar in Fusion: Printing templates: An
  13. Jay - awesome work on this. I'm about to embark on my first build and seeing your progress is pretty inspirational. Can't wait to see these beauties finished!
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