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  1. I wanna tutacha it and smella it. Thatta willbe a hard night
  2. Nice!This beauty will play!
  3. I love how the wood grain foolows the perfect shape of the body. Another master work! Congrats!
  4. I will export it into fusion and do it there then. Where are you caming?
  5. Thanks for reminding me about this soft! I will try that sub-d. just installed rhino7. last time got stucked with grasshopper. This is too good. I heard its got some CAM addons as well.
  6. Thank you! That's the best comment to read from the master! I am very grateful to you
  7. Sub-d? something new going on in rhino. Great! I tried grasshoper twice but my brain got overheated. You are making great guitar shapes - balanced, thoughtful, personal
  8. with such a beautiful guitar I would claim the rights to the bloody seas, mountains & forests
  9. sorry, Just wanted to ask you if you tried Grasshopper pluggin for rhino? It s a gereat soft for parametric desugn. People are designing buildings in it so maybe a guitarr>>?
  10. So Brian you're back. Cthulhuhuu has set my world all right and well on how the world should be..black (B)or white/ right(R) not wrong Can the world be anymore perfect... Yes.. it can be better: quote (komodo): "I have taken possession of the body of Brian May, dont want to go into details...but as far as it goes.... Perfecto work!!
  11. Uhhh.. No devs ovnership then. Glad of the Gods protection! I will go 10y back then and practice some more. Easy! Thanks!! Shiny works!
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