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  1. I am currently prototyping protetic surgery for the unexpected fuc..up i made before. 3dPLA printed cover should do the work I suppose. Next I will do some shape modiffications to fit the body shape. For the final cover I am planning to decrease the nozzle size trom 0,2 to 0,1mm to get better print resolution, fill surface with epoxy and paint it acrylic chrome? gold? or maybe the deep gray is the colour that gives it basic character? Grey with gold glitter in epoxy on top? I am really having fun!
  2. I applied 2 layers of tru-oil and am amazed. It gets darker and gives it lots of depth. I was regreting using sandpaper as applier cause it wiped of dark stain with the oil on the edges. There is too much going on. Different shades of stain, messy pigments in resin, i hope when i buid up the shiny tru-oil coating it will cover this mess. PS. Old polish adaptation of Witcher 2002. When it was comming out everybody wass lauging. Now.. after seeing the N. version it i should be nominated for oscar
  3. Thank you ScottR & Bizman62 for your help. I will experiment with your methods while doing next projects. Unfortunately for now shelac delivery has delayed so I started with tru-oil only.
  4. I wasted 4 bears while doin that. dont know what happened. ? staining with black, yellow, blue and red alltogether. This AA club is our future I have some tru oil to put on that but i've read somevere it is good to put diluted shellac before.I s tha t a good idea? pleas ehelp!
  5. This is a very tasty form. I dream about an acoustics in this shape, I love it
  6. The cover almost fits some scraping here and there and it will go fine. Iwill have to upgrade to servomotors some day. Nowadays losing steps
  7. It's got one realy sharp edge for protection. thanks. god bless
  8. The tuners made with passion by our brothers from PRC are pretty good
  9. Great love it. Ican hear the soud
  10. Yesss.. What strings you have there? You know how the sound check will end up.. This guy has died so many times before. Just do it once more
  11. I will never ever obtain the workman skills you took possesaion of regarding your cthulhu let me clean your shoes when we regress to the stone age. I am dead with my cnc right now. I have a Wd40 plan for tomorrow - cleaning the chains&screws. It should work. otherwise I will fold pens&sharpen pencils for the rest of my life
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