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  1. My very first build. My take on the David Gilmour strat. Name: Mr. G MJT Strat body 2008 Mexican strat neck, maple with rosewood fret board Neck P/U Fender Fat 50 Middle P/U Fender Custom Shop '69 Bridge P/U Seymour Suncan SSL-5 Finish is all Stew Mac nitro. For once I was super patient and let the guitar cure for about four weeks. Some tiny scratches in the lower bout, but otherwise I'm proud of my first one. The parts for the next are already purchased. Thanks for looking!
  2. Again.... VERY flattered. I will do that! Thanks very much.
  3. Thanks all for the comments. Much appreciated. Actually...VERY appreciated. At this time I have no plans to actually make a body and neck. That is way above my skill level. What I have done is purchase another Mexican strat to refinish. I am generally an impatient guy but I really took my time with this and did my best to adhere to all that I learned from research. Also, this was a key article for me: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/25496-diy-how-to-refinish-your-axe I purchased everything from Stew Mac, except for the electronics and bridge. Going back to the pictur
  4. Thank you very much! That is huge compliment. Indeed, it is my first go at this. I have lurked, read, watched..and then tried it myself. In the picture the upper part of the body looks dull, but it’s not. There are some fine scratches on the lower bout too. I must have made a mistake during the wet sand. Thanks again.
  5. Hello all... I finished my first "build" about two months ago and just got around to posting. I have been a lurker for a long time. It is an MJT body I inherited. It had a burnt-orange, cracked finish in it. I stripped it down, repainted and flipped all of the electronics. I know...it has a rosewood fretboard, not maple. It's what I got my hands on. Used stew mac nitro. It was my very first shot out of the gate. Already planning the second one. Thanks for your critique, feedback, etc.
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