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  1. Is it possible to change my user name? I can't figure it out. I'd like it to match all of my social media handles. Please let me know if you can or if it's even possible.

    1. ScottR


      Hey Rob,

      I'm pretty sure that can be done. I've passed it on to Prostheta and we'll see what he can come up with.


    2. radrobgray
  2. I've been itching to build a multiscale and I've never personally owned a 7 or 8 string. I decided to give them a go in one build. Some of the details are, as of yet, undecided. So far I have: 27.5"-25.5" multiscale 29 frets, Dunlop 6100 Seven Strings, I'll probably do the ABM single string bridges Instrumental Pickups, some sort of custom set Alder or African Mahogany Body Curly Maple and Black Walnut Neck Indian Rosewood or Birdseye Maple Board Painted in some sort of Dayglo color. I have the neon green, red, or yellow. First things first. I drew my full size plan. I also drew an additional 6 string plan that is not pictured. The "straight fret" is the 9th fret. The body is an offset dinky. My apprentice and I picked up some quartered hard maple, flat sawn curly maple, african mahogany, and alder. Ran it though the thickness planer, ripped it on the table saw and got ready for some glue ups. For the neck I ended up doing a seven piece laminate alternating curly maple and walnut. I rotated the maple to orient the grain to quarter sawn after I ripped it. Glue shot: While the neck blank was drying I hand planed three alder body blanks and glued those up as well. Purchased that No.5 Stanley on eBay for $25. As far as I can tell that plane was made around 1910? After all that jazz I ran the neck blank through the thickness planer. I have to make some big decisions. Birdseye or Rosewood board? Later this week I'll build the compound angle scarf jig, the table saw slotting jig for the fretboard, and maybe get to my body template squared away. I'm still on the fence about the body material and if I want to order a figured top and do a burst instead of a neon color. Thanks for looking.
  3. @Prostheta the body had some crazy cracks because I used some scraps. I filled said cracks with bondo. Then I did 3 coats sanding sealer, sanded p220. 3 coats primer , sanded p600. 2 coats base. 1 dust and 3 heavy full coats of clear and let it cure for 4 days. It was hard foam blocked from p1000-p2000, then buffed with some meguires.
  4. @Prostheta I am very impressed with how quick and how nicely the 2k worked out. I've actually had the system for a few years and never tried it because i was unsure about the skill level required. I am for sure going to make that my primary finish type. This time around I used a mask worth the proper carts, but that's for sure not a long term solution. I need to upgrade to a air fed mask. @KnightroExpress and @djobson101 I'm so stoked to have a new guitar. I haven't built or gotten a new one in a few years. I have 3-4 projects that are ready for fretwork and paint that I'm going to buckle down and complete. Thanks for checking it out!
  5. Complete. I went with all black hardware. Did final setup and intonation today. The trem is hard to the body and the saddles are shimmer to a 16" radius. One of these days I'll post a video with nice audio. The pickups are custom wound by my buddy Ethan at Instrumental Pickups.
  6. I've been away for a few years building my business at the repair shop and getting caught up in life (house, wife, band). I'm finally to a point where I can get back to building! I haven't had a new guitar in a few years so this build is for me. It originally was to be a evh frankenstrat style build. As much as I like Eddie, with that paint job, I wouldn't have played it out. Here's the run down on specifications and the pictures so far: 25.5" scale, maple neck, 10-16" compound radius, with Dunlop 6100 frets and a two way rod. The body is alder and is routed for a bridge hum, volume control, and a non-recessed OFR. I've been using nitro since I started building. This one is my first shot at 2k automotive finish. I'm done spraying and I can't kelp but think about why it took me so long to switch! Prepare your eyes for the blazing color! The neck is carved to an asymmetrical profile .825" at the 1st fret and .925" at the 15th. Did my feet work. Pre radius the wire, hammered them in, and filed the ends. I did a full level, crown, and polish. The neck is finished with tung oil and wax. I'll snag sme picks of the completed neck tomorrow. Full shot before the fretwork or paint. Here it is prepped, primed, base coated, and cleared. I used the PPG Omni paint line. Omni has a 2k high build primer, acrylic base, and 2k high solids clear. It was quite cold so I kept the paint and guitar inside before spraying. I also used fast hardener. The color code is PPG 2128. If you're into muscle cars it'll probably look really familiar It'll have the bwb pickguard and all black hardware. Tomorrow I'll cut, buff, and hopefully assemble.
  7. Thanks for looking. I could go either way with painted or oiled in terms of feel, but, I wore through the paint on the neck on that first build. I can really feel the trandition from paint to bare wood so I opted for oil on this one. It is tru oil and I put enough for a film finish, easier to touch up. I will look through my camera, I'm positive I have progress pictures somewheres.
  8. Alright so I haven't posted since '08. But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I got my start on this forum for my very first build back in '06, was inspired enough to persue further education through Roberto-Venn and now am doing repair and custom builds full time. It's basically come full circle as I finally had some extra $$$ and time to build essentially the updated version of the first guitar I built. This community is a great place to be a part of thanks to those who helped me get started. So my very first build was: Nitro finish Alder body Soft Maple 3 piece neck Rosewood fingerboard 25.5" scale length 24 frets Stewmac 2-way trussrod Mystery tuning machines Original Floyd Rose 2x Bill Lawrence USA XL500 pickups The new gutiar is essentially the same idea but using the best materials and parts. This culminated in the RIP Custom Guitars KV. There are more pictures on my web site: http://www.ripcustomguitars.com/instrument/kv Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish Alder Body Maple Neck-Thru Oiled Neck 2-Way Truss Rod with Graphite Neck Reinforcement Asymmetrical Neck Profile 1 5/8” Nut Width 25 1/2“ Scale Length Ebony Fingerboard, Bound in Ebony and Red Veneer 27 Frets, Dunlop 6100 Jumbo Fretwire Locking Nut Gotoh 510 Tuning Machines Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System Custom Instrumental Pickups Set (he is on facebook and instagram @instrumentalpickups) 2 Volume and 3-way Switch Recessed Dunlop Straplocks
  9. Reminds me of Rocko's Modern Life, LOVE that cartoon. I think if you use the same colors as his shirt (blue and purple) it would be even cooler.
  10. i just drew 2 lines for the bevels and took a rasp and file to it, custom hand job!
  11. Thanks a ton guys, means a lot. Tomorrow is graduation day, then I'm outa' here! BTW the Tele and Exploder are for sale, gotta pay for school somehow right?
  12. Don't be so quick to go on a witch hunt, I referred him here, so essentially its my fault if your going to point the finger. He's a friend, I saw his guitar and thought to myself "that would be a cool GOTM entry". If there were progress pics I'm pretty sure he would've started a thread. I'm gonna go out on a limb assume that the definition of "Pro" is a person that makes and sells guitars for a career. Although thats the goal (for many of us) he has not sold a guitar, thus (under the assumption of the definition of "pro") would not include him.
  13. its pretty different, i like it a lot. that x2n is a sick pup i love it! Troy sent some pics to kahler hopefully ill get to be in one of their news letters. have you seen the D-Activator X? it looks like an X2N, with slightly lower output, and even has a lower output neck pickup version, i'm probably going to be replacing the dual x2n's in my 6 with the d-activators, see how i like them. blasphemy! lower output i want more, MORE, MORE!!!! jk.. they might be a nice different flavor, i like that they make a specified neck pup tho. I almost painted the tele Neon Green to appease the need for a racer xish guitar*spandex not required*. But, I didn't because someone pointed out that it had a very Jason Becker (peavy) vibe. It's just a schaller roller TOM/Gotoh Stop tail, they sell em at Stew Mac, nothing fancy. As for the Kahler its a sweet trem for, sure just different than a Floyd, I like them both. but out of familiarity I would still probably go with Floyd. We'll see as I'm really digging the tele it may convert me!
  14. its pretty different, i like it a lot. that x2n is a sick pup i love it! Troy sent some pics to kahler hopefully ill get to be in one of their news letters.
  15. More progress, I finished the exploder. I also finished scalloping the the "tele" neck and assembled it. I still need to put my logo on the headstock. The tele is finished with satin wipe on poly, neck and body. x2n in the bridge, vol/mini 3-way, random lipstick in the neck, gotoh minis, kahler pro. Scallops Exploder 1 Exploder 2 more/all pics @ Distorted_Frequency
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