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  1. thank you very much for your time, im almost done now i need a rubbing compound and wax but im currently lock down.(quarantine) i plan to use turtle rubbing compound, but my problem here even without lockdown i cant i cant find sand paper higher thatn 1,500 grit and im done sanding it with 1,500 any advice ?
  2. I'm done staining then painting with polyurethane on my flame maple guitar I'm in a place where TRANSTINT is Not available or any other transparent tint for my clear lacquer I try tinting with lacquer based tinting color it works but its impossible to make even color (Using foam brush), so i sanded it again back to polyurethane coat investing to spray gun might not be a good idea cause im only building one guitar can anyone recommend what to use or what to do? I want a teal blue, the yellowish color or polyurethane turns the blue into teal blue
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