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  1. Hello All, have a crack in the neck/headstock. Could something like this be repaired? Will it make playing worse? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  2. Hello Again All, Well the body is finally together. Did it all with a Jig. The sides glued nicely from the side as suggested. Had to make some minor cuts. So here are the next steps as I understand it- let me know if anything is wrong or out of place: In order: 1. Get Neck- place neck on body- measure for pickup, bridge and pots. 2. Rout out holes for pickup bridge/drill holes for pots. 3. Rout out back of body for wires, pots etc. 4. Thoroughly sand body and paint. 5. Install pickups, bridge and pots. 6. Bolt on neck.
  3. Great . Thank you very helpful. Didn’t think about how to add to the sides. Great explanation on the sanding.
  4. Thank you- input is very much appreciated. just for clarification, you mentioned that the planks were wider than the actual body? The planks together have an 11 inch width, with about 2 inch thickness. I could be wrong, but I didn’t think I had much room with those dimensions...
  5. Just checking to see if anyone has any thoughts on the above sanding question. It’s probably a basic question, but as a beginner, I’m not sure what rule of thumb to follow. thanks!
  6. Understood, thanks. that brings me to my next question. When and how should I sand using poplar? I read somewhere that prepping for paint is different than stain? Is it best to sand everything now at the beginning? When do I know I’m done sanding? Regarding tools, I have a jigsaw, circular saw, electric sander (drill tip). Though I’m not how good the sander is, may end up sanding by hand. (Friend that has tools isn’t available with this Covid 19 going on- ironically it’s the best time to do this project as my boys and I have time on our hands... thanks again for all your help!
  7. Wow! Thank you so much, VERY helpful. A couple of clarifying questions.... 1. Regarding the body side, I may go for the LP Jr. Although, I was looking at the Bo Diddly rectangle option- as that fits the size as well. Any issue with the rectangle option? 2. You mentioned to glue the flat pieces together first. What do I need to do- if anything to prepare for gluing? When does planing/sanding come into the picture? thanks again!
  8. Ok, so took the first step today and purchased some Poplar wood for the first build. This was the only type available in my area. I have 4 pieces (18 inches long x 11 inches wide all together). An inch thick was the only option available. The width is shorter than usual- but this is mostly a project for learning- is that width a problem? Should I glue more? Any way I’m attempting to glue all four pieces together for the body. Anything I need to do before gluing? Just regular wood glue?! (I apologize again- as I am really venturing into an area I know little about. As usual, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  9. Thanks all- very helpful. Another question- I did check out guitar fetish site, and saw the premade bodies and the necks. I’m not sure how to tell what neck will fit with what Body? I know strat style and lo are different and I know it makes a difference with the Floyd rose bridge, what’s the best rule of thumb in matching a premade body with a premade neck sold separately?
  10. Thank you! These are the resources I was looking for. I am a guitarist- a woodworker- very minimal experience. But, I just have the desire to finally learn how to do this. I will check out guitar fetish and go from there. thanks!
  11. Thank you- very helpful. Any chance you have a pic of yours? Is it a start style? One piece of wood?
  12. Thank You- helpful. Should have also mentioned, this was specifically for the body. I was planning on using a premade neck. However I am up for suggestions for this as well. Is this the best approach for a beginner? (believe me- I am a complete beginner...)
  13. Hello All, I’ve played for several years and finally would like to attempt my first guitar. Its a Les Paul style guitar. However, I would like to start with some cheaper wood for my first attempt. Anyone have any idea of what type of wood is a good choice for a first run? Something that’s cheap but would last for a while?
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