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  1. Excellent work as always Andy. Have you decided on what you will do with the end of the fretboard yet?
  2. Just to clear up any confusion I was building two other guitars at the same time, my daughters pink guitar which was shown in the build thread and finished shortly after this one and also the red one in my profile pic, which is still to be finished at some point in the future... So the Oak hollow body was actually my 4th completed build
  3. Oak Hollow body guitar This was my 4th build, I wanted to try something a bit different recycling the wood from an old oak wardrobe, carving out the hollow body by hand and having a go at making my own bridge, tailpiece and pickup rings. Very lightweight with no balance/neck dive issues. Specs Oak body, with a bolt on Maple neck and a rosewood fretboard and brass nut. 24 frets 646mm scale. Oak bridge, tailpiece and pickup rings. Wilkinson Machine Heads. Wilkinson Zebra Pickups. Colron natural Danish Oil Finish. Build thread -
  4. The mention of Swallows made me think of Monty Python - BRIDGEKEEPER: What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? ARTHUR: What do you mean? An African or European swallow? BRIDGEKEEPER: Huh? I-- I don't know that. Auuuuuuuugh! BEDEVERE: How do know so much about swallows? ARTHUR: Well, you have to know these things when you're a king, you know.
  5. Coming together nicely, looks really good. The grain match is spot on. Very impressed!
  6. Thanks Jay. Bob really enjoyed playing it, he warmed up by playing some Steve Vai songs on it, pity I wasn't recording at the time... He said the neck profile was very close to his PRS, slightly thinner if anything and the neck width was spot on. Also he was very impressed with the intonation and string height, said it made it very easy to play with just a light touch.
  7. I asked Bob to do a few tunes on the Oak Hollow body -
  8. Managed to pop round to my friends house today and asked him to do a few licks on the guitar. Once he had cleaned that off he played a few tunes...
  9. Forgot to do the weigh in... Just over 6.3lb
  10. Thanks Scott, very much appreciated! I am really happy with how it has come out and glad the shapes worked. Have to agree the pic looking up the body with the angles of the wings is my favourite part. I keep looking at it and thinking 'did I really do this?'
  11. Hand built by robots for robots for Def Robot... The Def Robot Flying V Specs Sapele Neck though with Ash wings and a Panga Panga fretboard with a 10" radius, medium jumbo stainless steel frets and a Tusq XL Nut. 24 frets 646mm scale. Gotoh 510UB-C Wrap Around bridge Gotoh SG381-07 Machine Heads Seymour Duncan Distortion Mayhem neck and bridge set, with separate volume pots for each and a single tone pot with an orange drop cap. Stained with Crimson Guitars Black Stunning stain shots and finished in clear nitro Build thread -
  12. Managed to get on with the wiring this morning. No issues with the soldering iron, everything now in place... not as tidy as some I have seen on here, but good enough. Next up was the machine heads. And then onto the stringing up. Made some adjustments to the nut and bridge, the action is really good. Nut glued in place and then it was plug in and test... it works, very nice sound. Those Seymour Duncan Distortion Mayhem pickups are really nice. Couple of pics with everything in place. And then onto some glamour shots... not got the weather for the outdoor pics, so had to do some indoor shots. Extremely pleased with the finished article, has been a really good project. Just waiting for it to be collected now, possibly this weekend.
  13. Drill bits arrived late morning, so drilled for the bridge posts and then got on with putting in the shielding and the it was in with the pots and jack. Next up was the wiring, got the ground in first and then did the tone pot. Was just on with the neck pickup wiring, when my soldering iron decided to die.... Have been to my parents house and 'half inched' my dad's soldering iron, will finish the wiring in the morning. Bridge, pickups, pots and jack all in place.
  14. While waiting for the drill bits required for the next stages I decided to make the hole for the 3 way switch the correct size. Drilled a block of wood with the correct size hole and lined it up over the top of the switch hole then drilled through 3 way switch in place, lots of dust still to clean up. Tested with the other hardware to see how it looks. Neck position... Bridge position... And central Hopefully can get the wiring done this week, so long as the drill bits arrive soon...
  15. Cleaned up the fretboard last night and managed to get a coat of Danish oil on it. Took a pic first thing this morning before the next stage. Masked off the frets... Level, crown and buff done. First time on stainless frets, a bit more work but should be worth it. Also put the Tusq nut in place ready for the next bit, not glued in place yet as it may need some adjustment. Then it was measuring time, marked out the centre line and then triple checked my marking out before drilling pilot holes for the posts. Just waiting on the 11.3mm drill bit to arrive now... hopefully in the next day or so.
  16. Thanks Scott, hadn't heard of DR strings before, so checked them out. They seem to get good reviews
  17. Many thanks Andy. Really pleased with how it is looking. Here's a pic for @ScottR as promised
  18. Whilst waiting for the neck to cure from oiling, I did some sanding on the body and gave it a bit of a buff. I have left the pores showing on the back as I like the effect it gives. Sorry @ScottR no trees yet, was going to try and get some on the front, but it clouded over and I lost the light hopefully these clouds on the back make up for it... The front is a lot smoother... Will probably do a bit more yet as it isn't totally smooth in some areas Next job though will be tidying the fretboard and then a coat of oil so I can get started on the frets.
  19. I thought that as well, but it could be due to the extra tension due to the additional strings.
  20. A couple of updates from today. Did a bit of tidy up on the headstock and tested the truss rod cover in place. Still a few marks near the nut that need tidying up. Also sanded the body back and tidied it up, the logo looks a lot better and is totally level with the body. Still needs going over with a rubbing compound and final polish. Very happy with how it is looking with the hardware. Still working on the neck, so haven't oiled the fretboard yet. Getting closer though...
  21. Congrats on the GOTM Scott. Was a great month, all very good builds.
  22. Excellent, thanks for that Scott. Very helpful. Have cleaned up the edge of the fretboard today, taped off the fretboard again, restained the neck and done a flood coat on the neck. Will get another coat on the neck later tonight and a few more tomorrow. Hopefully can do a quick coat on the fretboard Monday.
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