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  1. This was my first build, a Solidbody Strat, made from Australian hardwoods! I used a set of plans for the dimensions, but made a few changes to a standard strat, I'd always wanted a guitar with dual HB's and so here it is! I've learnt so much from my first go at building, for someone with no experience at all with timber, every step was a lesson! I have no idea what to call it, so it's the AusStrat? The body is Queensland Maple, the neck is Silver Ash, both purchased from David Linton at Australian Guitar Timbers. The fretboard is a nice piece of Red Box which i found lying around in the
  2. Hi, I've been working on this build forever, it took a long time to get started from the idea and now it feels like forever to get it done, but i've finally started to get some momentum in the past few months. This is a Strat style build, the body is Queensland Maple, the Neck is Silver Ash and the fretboard is Australian Red Box. I've decided to go with two humbuckers (just cheap Golden Age pickups from StewMac) for my first build. This has more been about a lot of learning and having a go to build confidence. While it's not perfect I've definitely learnt a lot. I'm just working on
  3. @curtisa Thankyou very much, perfect explanation and the photos were really helpful! @bizman62 A wraparound is a definite for the next guitar, thanks for the heads up on that!
  4. Hi all, I’m building my first guitar and I’m definitely hooked, plans for the second already. I’m just a bit stuck on the best way to get an earth wire to the bridge? I’m building a strat style shape but without a scratch plate and using a hardtail bridge. What’s the neatest way to get the wire from the controls cavity? Do I need to drill an access hole from under the bridge through to the cavity? I would appreciate any help! cheers Frosty
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