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  1. glad you did... i never saw this before and im glad i did, pretty cool. what became of it?
  2. very cool videos, always love to see other peoples methods
  3. I have never built any guitars that were for other people so this has never been an issue. It doesnt seem to be an issue with electrics as much, but acoustic guitars, once strung and played, seem to change a little bit from the initial specs. The truss rods seem to need a little tightening, the action sometimes gets a little higher or lower.. I dont know if its a flaw in my builds, or if its just the nature of acoustic gutiars.. But after a little while they seem to settle in and become more quite a bit more stable. Do any of you have like a set set in time where you have the guitar strung,
  4. im about to start building a thinline tele with my father, this has been a great build to follow so far! How deep do you route the hollow?... or i guess a better question to ask, how much material is left on the back?
  5. i personally have never seen pearl as the actual binding on the guitar.. plenty of purfling.. but not full binding. would be curious to see if anyone has.
  6. about the walnut polishing.. saw this link a few days ago, so its funny that you bring that up. http://www.ehow.com/how_5843223_polish-walnut-shells.html never tried it, but figured i would share anyway.
  7. its funny, i just saw this on a website the other day and thought to myself "hm, never saw this before". They dont seem to have pearl but its still something. http://www.cookwoods.com/Mineral%20page.htm
  8. are you guys talking about the allparts double action truss rod? I recently had trouble with hot rod rods and was actually looking for an alternative myself... Sorry for the partial hijack!
  9. finally got my copy! havnt looked through it thouroughly yet, but it is very packed full of information from what i saw. Touches on topics that a lot of the other books dont like 12 strings and resonators. so far so good!
  10. what do you mean by half inch chips? If each piece is a half inch square.. you basically got a bag of scraps and off cuts it sounds which still has its uses, but is less valuable then a bag of bigger pieces. I was at a luthier expo type thing in woodstock NY about a month ago, and a guy was selling nice sized bags of pearl in varying sizes, but most were at least a couple inches long by an inch tall. I payed about 30 bucks for the whole bag.
  11. Does anyone use a bigger 220v one? Thinking it would be more powerful and efficient but I don't know a thing about these
  12. I bought a delonghi from lowes to see if it does the job.. I assume these take a while to heat up but they maintain there heat well? I've had it on in my shop for about a half hour and have seen only a 2 degree increase from 42 to 44.. Lol my shop is 19 by 13.. Well insulated
  13. I have never seen one of these... What exactly is the oil filled feature. Its still an electric heater right?
  14. I had no idea Melvyn Hiscock frequented this forum. Your other electric guitar book is like my bible, so i am very eager to get this book. When can i get it in the US?
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