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  1. Thank you. I agree, I would have liked to have done a clear finish, unfortunately the other side and the end had to many dark areas of heartwood. It just wouldn't have ended up looking that good, so it was either a splotchy variation or do a burst. . What you see on the left side here is what I mean.
  2. Thanks I tend to binge work sometimes, and will hardly touch it other days. To be honest, the wood choices were made more by the fact that it was what I had left in the shop, I need to restock, than by forsight. But so far it has worked out well.
  3. I totally agree with you. Had trouble figuring out what was so bad about it but I wasn't going to argue with the price. I'll just enjoy the bargain.
  4. I thanketh thee Good Sir. The grain match actually wasn't too bad on the sides, but there were some areas where one of the pieces dipped in and out of heartwood type darkening and would have resulted in an almost polka dot type of coloring. But I wanted the purpleheart to show as much as possible, So I decided on the burst to cover the bad areas yet let the back show. So far, I'm happy with the result.
  5. More progress, spent some time routing for pickups and a control cavity. It's really fun routing a cavity in a body that's been chambered, the router keeps wanting to become a ukulele. I say that because ukulele is a Hawaiian word meaning "jumping flea". Hilarity nonstop. Anyway, enough of my whining, got the routing done and did some progressive sanding down to 350 grit. Then I decided to try something new, I had a can of Mohawk toner/finish in dark red, did the sides to blend the differences in grain pattern, and did a bit of a burst on the back. Still deciding whether or not I like it.
  6. Just checking in to say Thanks for the Likes, I haven't forgotten the project, just been busy doing some repairs and maintenance for customer guitars thet I still support. Will have an update soon. . And always remember the words of Will Rodgers, who said "Thank Goodness We're not getting All the Government We're paying for."
  7. Just for the heck of it, I took my Tele template, and on some thick posterboard, traced one side, flipped it and traced the other side. Then rounded out the bottom. And cut it out. I then took some cherry wood and some purpleheart I had lying around and introduced them to Titebond. Then I took the aforementioned template and traced it onto one of the laminated plates and did unspeakable things to it with a Forstner bit. Took that one and put it on top of the other with more glue. "Scotty, I need more clamping power!" "But Cap'in, She canna stand the strain
  8. Thanks. The neck pup is Seymour Duncan Jazz model, and it does sound pretty good so far even though it's not dialed in yet. I wanted an overall look like that of a guitar that was old but cared for and updated sometimes. It's also got 3 piezo discs buried under the top. I'm still deciding whether to put a preamp in it or not.
  9. All right, the Project 63B is now named "As Time Goes By" It's reached the point of test fitting all parts and checking for alignment. Not sure how that got there, oh well. .And as Shakespeare once said "And the Beat, it Goeth On."
  10. Very Nice, Congratulations on the end result.
  11. As far as removing the bushings......https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-remove-Tune-o-Matic-bushings-from-Les-Paul-/
  12. Thank you, I'm very pleased with it myself. We'll see what it looks like when I do the finish smoothing and polishing.
  13. Yes, I confess to a preference for T Types. I'm working on a pattern for a double cutaway now that's a mix between a Tele and a small 335 type semi-hollow. It might get complicated.........
  14. And this was done for a friend who wanted a weird road worn, Called the "Cajun Tele" Well, He said he wanted weird........
  15. I almost forgot, It's called "The BBQ Tele" It's an experoiment in Charring and leather dye.
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