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  1. I didn't know Greece was so green. And your thinking "Greece, what's this have to do with Greece?" Well, it's Greek to me. Looks complicated. Total respect for anyone who can understand that so this. Ron
  2. I value my time as precious and very valuable and try like hell not to waste it on trivial stuff. I am the one who decides on the triviality of that stuff. Ron
  3. I agree, China needs to trade fairly and honestly or in the long run we can do with out them. The majority of the stuff they make is crap anyway.
  4. Opinion is opinion it's not gospel. Keep that in mind todos mis amigos. " That's all I have to say about that. " ~ Forrest Gump @MiKro, that kind of sounds like a redneck massage parlor. Ron
  5. Or...... " Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night... " . Ron
  6. " It's a bird, it's a plane,......" Ron
  7. Yeah, that's what I got too.... trees. I would like to keep the old guard. I don't remember it bothering me before, but then I wasn't looking for flaws to fix.
  8. @Bizman62, I think you're right about the location. The lighter shadow would certainly drive me nuts. And it was bought like that, played like that so your 2 for 2 on reasons to keep it were it is. I'm sure I can find some with an online search. That shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your suggestions and advise. Ron
  9. Today I polished the sides and sound board a little and my hands and arms are kinda tired. I also sanded the place where the pick guard was so now it's ready to receive the guard. I'm going to look online for some of that sticky peel off tape stuff to apply the guard. I don't want to CA glue it. The ones you buy have that peel off sticky stuff and that's what I'm looking for. They didn't locate the guard very centered to the sound hole from the factory so now I have a dilemma. Do I locate it where the old one was or center it where its supposed to be and leave a gh
  10. Thank you for the link @Andyjr1515. This looks exactly like the one RSW had to replace because the strings broke off the whole top of the part directly above where the strings push through in the back and pull out in the front of the string location. It was on an Ovation guitar. He said it was a totally terrible design to have such thinness on the top of the part of the bridge that has the most stress. But if worse comes to worse it might be a viable option. He blamed it on the large relief openings where the strings emerge right before the saddle.
  11. You are absolutely right about that @Bizman62. And that is the case with this one as well. The edge all around the bridge was at least blued to about 1/8" of lacquer. I believe that if can clean it like he does and make sure Titebond is covering the entire footprint top and bottom, it should not come off again. Thanks for the links. Ron
  12. While I was waiting word on a possible bridge replacement, I decided to work on the back of the guitar to help make it look better. I used 400 grit sandpaper and a tiny bit of water, to help the sandpaper from loading up with sanding dust, and went over the whole back, then I applied some chrome polish to it in quarter sections then hand buffed it to a shine using a shop towel. It's no where near where I want it to be, but it's looking a lot better. There is a shine to it but the camera would not let me shoot it because of the glare off of the surface, so I had to get the sun behind m
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