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  1. I am having a nightmare uploading pics. Sorry! This is the one I think is the best option.
  2. Thanks guys, Your advice on the quality of the wood rather than the type has been great. The mahogany and maple I was looking at was rough and half sawn where as the blackwood seems to be much better suited to a guitar body. I've attached some options I have. I'm thinking 2A seems to be the best. Sorry at @curtisa they are here now. I might as well put them to good use
  3. Hey all, first time post. I am starting a Tele project but tradtional tonewoods seem to quite hard to get here in NZ. I was planning on doing a Sapele Mahogany with a Hard Maple cap/top with a figured maple veneer on top. But after researching Sapele it seems to be a more mid/high focused wood. So I'm thinking with a maple cap it may be too bright for what I'm after. Has anyone had any experience with this combination and could lend some advice. I also have Tasmanian Blackwood available which is apparently similar to Koa. Any help would be appreciated.
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