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  1. I will do a Subodu char at some stage, but these I'm going for the "log pulled out of a fire" style dessication
  2. Time for an update. The weather hasn't been too kind recently, but I did soldier through a 1-C-degree afternoon to plane down the 2.5" thick slabs of sequoia, and cut out the basic shapes with the Jigsaw. There was a LOT of pink snow from this. A lot It's funny, the slabs were so heavy, but once cut down to shape and thickness (standard 1-3/4"/45mm), they are so light! I suppose they are a softwood pine, after all. Having offcuts allowed me to test how sequoia would hold up to the charring ...pretty well. And it was easier than I thou
  3. Grazi - Somewhat. I take inspiration through google search, and then sketch out the style in Powerpoint. So... not really
  4. So this was the logo on the neck plate of the Yeti: So keeping with the same style, this will be the neck plate for Hephaestus (which from now on, I'm just going to call "Hefty") It will be on Normal Steel/Aluminium rather than black anodized this time (better suits the aesthetic I'm going for this time - silver/chrome coloured parts)
  5. Yeah, P90's were a strong consideration. Quite expensive but probably worth it
  6. To follow on from 'The Yeti' Series, I have begun work on the second line : 'Hephaestus' (Greek Blacksmith God/God of Fire) I will begin with 1 Telecaster and 1 Jazzmaster in this mode. Obviously, it looks better than this in my head, but as a general idea: I'm still exploring which pickups to use. In my playing I am almost always on the humbucker (I play with a moderate amount of distortion - the lighter end of 'Heavy Rock'), so part of me wants to put in two humbuckers. The other part of me says "you have a strat and a gretsch for that, give y
  7. I'll kick it off with a resubmission, being narrowly beaten by December's worthy winner Name: Yeti Type: Custom Precision-Bass Body: Live edge English Ash, Epoxy Neck: Canadian Maple (scorched, engraved), Rosewood Fretboard Scale: 32" Components Pickups: Fender Vintage P-Bass Pickups (Passive) Bridge: Hipshot 'Kickass' 4-String Machine Heads: Gotoh GB707's Pots: CTS 250k Log and Linear Other Snaplock Strap locks Custom CnC Pickup Ring Custom Black Anodised Aluminium Truss Cov
  8. I voted for myself (naturally...), But they're all great for different reasons. Carbon14 to me looks like it came off a factory (I mean that as a compliment) : it's so clean and precise!
  9. @curtisa @mistermikev @Bizman62 well. it was both it was the wrong lug, even though it worked fine? but wired up correctly, it still wiggles, and the cut out is arguably worse than before. with the jack fully out, the hot lug actually giggles a mm itself, likely the cause (or contributing) . so new jack on the way. Thanks peoples cc
  10. But are you saying, that's a possible cause for my symptoms? Remember - it plays perfectly fine - until it's nudged, and then the ground continuity disappears between the cable and the rest of the internal system
  11. If [this](https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Long-Barrel-OUTPUT-JACK-COSMO-BLACK-Fits-Ibanez-guitar-bass-stereo-mono-NEW-/392264583162) is anything to go by, the Hot tip (shortest) is left of the Ground (longest), and the middle one (Ring) is to the right of the ground. So If that's the same, then I've wired mine correctly (and the sketchy soldering is making it look longer)
  12. Sorry - also - I should say, I actually don't remember which is longer out of 1 and 2 - the solder might be playing a trick on the eye there. I do remember that they were quite close in size - but one was slightly longer. 2 might actually be shorter than 1
  13. I was finding diagrams like this I followed: ... and as I said, it all seemed to work - except for when the cable is disturbed
  14. See, this confused the heck out of me It's a three lug. There was no technical document for it (that I could find, anywhere) but the closest I found suggested it was either a Stereo capable jack, or, had a power switch on it. After wiring it up, it all seems to work fine as I said (no hum or anything) - so it's just the loose wiggle that seems to affect the signal 3 is the longest, and was taken to be the Ground 2 is the second longest, and everything I could find suggested it was the Hot 1 is the shortest and appeared to be something else (switch, power
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