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  1. ha, yeah, i had some leftover metallic blue left so i sanded down until it started to peek through and will re-coat the clear starting today, covered up the cracks but I expect theyll come back.
  2. the # of underlying cracks are multiplying. now about 12. I think i'll have no choice but to leave them and just finish it up. Already sanded a lot of the top clear down and they still show at a certain angle so must be at the metallic or white layers. I guess it'll just add character.
  3. surface crack in last layer on bottom appeared, runs from bottom to bridge. will wet sand to 400 and try again..
  4. final coat tonight. there were lots of runs and uneven coats it kind of lends itself to the "liquid metallic" look i was going for. I'll wait a month and then test it with strings, then decide whether or not to sand/buff, leave it, or make it a decoration.
  5. do people ever not sand/buff lacquer finishes? Most of the top seems like glass now.
  6. nevermind, someone took it before i could nab it. thanks though.
  7. Local CL has a celebrity with a cracked bridge for $40. I imagine it would cost more than its worth to repair but I kinda like repairing ovations now. Any ideas?
  8. as i've learned recently, sometimes its what you learn from the process that outweighs the cost of the repair.
  9. deciding to leave the trim white (or off white as it is). latest..
  10. I'm undecided on whether to clear coat it up to the edge or leave it just under. I have a few layers still before the rosette is level with the middle. I have an artist friend who can hand paint the edge binding with acrylic. I photoshopped it with blue to see if i'd like the edge colored but I think it looks better not.
  11. so, a little history. I got this guitar when i was about 12. I think it's a 79 or 80. My stepdad got it for me to play in his bluegrass band. I did for a few years then it just went with me off to college(s). One day i come home from studying in the library until 8pm (masters work) and water is flowing out my front door. Bathroom sink line broke. This guitar was sitting on the carpet at that time. It soaked up a lot and the cracks show it. I didn't really start playing it a lot again until 2 years ago and thought i'd try and glue the cracks but that didn't hold. I was doing an open mic night i
  12. all done. buffed with fine compound and i'm happy with the results.
  13. 1st attempt with ca glue got a little crazy, went a bit wide, 2nd attempt was cleaner. this is wet sanded to 1500, good enough for my standards.
  14. the crack is not deep enough for that. no indication underneath of any crack. it is exactly on the middle though. CA glue maybe?
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