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  1. Looks great!. I love the rgs and anyone with a low pro edge!!!. Nice
  2. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Women are beautiful ....PERIOD!
  3. that looks amazing.....love colours and clear....the binding!!!!!
  4. that looks great!!!!! love the blue with white binding and the clour of the wood as a contrast.....maple neck. Really great!!!
  5. IS grain filling the same as using sanding sealer?
  6. go with auto air water based...no mask needed and it is great. you can use a uerthane clear that is compatible.
  7. I like the pickup guard the way it is....Black headstock for sure.
  8. I love the inlay. I mean LOVE it. Fantastic.
  9. No please...don't do the pickup gaurd. It'll look great with that stain....don't do it.
  10. All I do are refinishes,but all the people on here who build guitars from...you all are truly craftsman. And you sir are one of them. Really nice work. I always enjoy following your posts.
  11. So I bought copper paint to paint the pickup cavities. DO i have to do anything else like run wire from the pickup cavity to the bridge ground/or the volume knob ground?
  12. Okay. I'll do that then. Thanks for the help. What I have found for for bodies and stuff are only on ebay. There are some but not that many. This one I have is PRS copy. Very hard to come by. I have found a les paul copy unfinished but it's all the way in china. Unless I want a strat or a tele(there are hundreds of these) then I'm out of luck. If you guys have any suggestions for these types of bodies and where I can get them, please let me know.
  13. I'm pretty sure it is just a veneer. It will be 2 part urethance for the clear. I would love to get a kit that uses a real maple top...do you know where?
  14. I just bought a guitar kit. The top is a flame but the whole guitar is already sealed. Will the wood dye work on this if it is already sealed? I thought I read that some like to seal it first. I don't understand how it'll seap???
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