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  1. In the same way as truss rod groove. Install the stop to the side. Use the Dremel.
  2. I meant that it is easier to bend wet wood with cuts. Cuts do not exclude material wetting)) I even saw craftsmen who folded the top with a hot iron with a steamer))
  3. Semyon Padalka makes cuts from the back of the top. This makes it easier to bend the wood.
  4. It is very difficult to make a choice. All presented buildings are worthy of the "Guitar of the Year" title. It's a shame that I can only cast one vote.
  5. Scott, thanks for the comment. I have never played pine guitars. Therefore, I decided on such an experiment.
  6. Beautiful wood. I will follow the assembly with interest.
  7. Thank you, Bizman62! Let's see what my pine board will be.
  8. I have heard a lot of comments against the use of pine in the guitar. I have also seen many beautiful pine guitars. I am interested in your opinion on the pine body.
  9. And worked on the body of the guitar. I wanted to use pine.
  10. This week I glued a decorative wooden sleeve into the anchor key hole.
  11. Hi! I think I forgot to tell you how I made the truss rod. I used a 5mm steel bar. I sliced the threads on both sides rod. On one side I riveted a lock nut, and on the other side I screwed on an adjusting nut. Before installing truss rod in the neck guitar, I put a shrink wrapped on the rod.
  12. I have a few thoughts on further building the guitar. But I can't form the final design out of them yet. For example, fret markers can be made in the shape of horseshoes. Or in a hollow-body horseshoe-shaped f-hole. Also thought of mustang body. But I don't wish use its shape.
  13. Interesting project. I like. By the way, this season I also saved a small log of poplar.
  14. I agree with you. I do not use this planer for finishing. Thanks. A good idea. Perhaps I will use it.
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