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  1. Nice! Thank you for the kind answer. I was wondering why I've never seen a P90 in the middle position. Do you think there's a reason in particular?
  2. Hi everyone, I just subscribed to the forum and i never built a guitar, but is my dream one day to do so and I'm already imagining how it would turn out. I have this general idea of a pickup configuration in mind and I don't think I ever seen a guitar exactly like it, i wonder why, and that's why I would like to ask you what you think. I would love a single coil in the neck position, a P-90 in the middle and a hambucker in the bridge, with a 5 way switch strat style: neck, neck and p-90, p-90, p-90 and humbucker, humbucker, with the humbucker being splittable (so that i could combine
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