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  1. Is the entire thing rosewood? (neck, body & fretboard)
  2. I made the mistake of carving the neck before frets and side dots. Definitely will not be repeating that mistake. When it come to fret slots, the special tools were what turned me away. Since then, however, I have seen people cut slots with a harbor freight flush cut saw and a squared up block of wood. I guess that gives me some confidence.
  3. Thank you! The only thing I didn't do was slot and radius the fretboard. I think my next fretboard will be my own. I wanted the carve to be super comfortable so I went pretty hard with a saw rasp.
  4. Ash neck with ziricote fretboard Alder w/ maple top. BLO and Poly finish.
  5. Having stole this neck off a free plywood s-style from craigslist. I had previously bought a piece of basswood that went unused, so this will be a great use for it. Not really sure what the story is with the drill through on the neck, but I think some extra fret markers will cover it up and give it a unique look.
  6. If I do go the hardtail route, what bridges do you guys recommend? It is hard to navigate these waters because it seems like the cheap knockoff stuff will do just as well as the expensive stuff, because its a simple hardtail bridge.
  7. I scoured Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp and Craigslist looking for guys who basically made a hobby of milling trees. I was fortunate enough to find a person close by who was liquidating his collection of slabs for very cheap because of an upcoming move. He didn't have exotic stuff, mostly ash, maple and oak, but I as able to get a 23"x60x3" ash slab for ~$40. I was very fortunate to get three neck blanks and a body out of it so far.
  8. I know this is probably the smart solution, but I just don't like the look of it.
  9. Thank you for the link. That is incredible detail you put into the article. I don't really understand why anything needs to be precisely routed and drilled except for the actual mounting studs, though. Can't all of the cavities be made to fit well without precision templates? I was honestly thinking of using chisels, rasps, and patience to get the work done.
  10. I am currently attempting my first complete guitar build. It is a EBMM axis style, which I love because of its relatively small size and unique shape. I am currently torn between making it a hardtail or vibrato bridge. I am thinking that I could create my own routing templates to allow a "flush" mounted bridge that can pull up and down like a Floyd, but with a standard two post nonlocking saddles. Sort of like the VegaTrem but without the $269 price tag. Do you think its worth my time as an amateur? I don't actually use trems that much, but it would kill me to not have the option. I will definitely be installing a tremel-no if I go the vibrato route.
  11. Thank you for so much good information. Those finishes look outrageous! I think with my low experience level, I will have to test out some of your ideas on a scrap piece I have with the same grain.
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