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  1. Sorry for the double post. I found the box here: https://www.weiblen.de/en/woodworking/glue-pots/leimfix-glue-spreader-box/ About $85 shipped to the USA. Is it worth it? Probably not for most handy people.
  2. might have to if they don't reply. edit: looks like they're about $120 shipped from Europe. Tempting to never deal with tool clean up. I don't have a lot of space so if I could just roll a board over this and be done then it will save me time and space.
  3. I am not sure what it is called, but it is here at 39 seconds in: Would love to have that tool in the garage.
  4. Okay okay okay looks like I did not use enough glue on the previous necks but this one came out great. For whatever reason, I struggle with getting the right amount of glue but it looks like I really should be applying a 3/32" to 1/8" bead for every half inch width. I've seen some youtube videos advocating for as little glue as possible, but they were probably assuming people were putting down larger beads. I built a 12 ton neck press out of 4x4 steel square tube and bottle jacks and even that wasn't enough to squeeze all the glue out. 12 tons at ~200 square inches still is on t
  5. Thanks man. I'm never sure just how complimentary they should be. I just processed wood for a neck yesterday. I jointed each piece while checking in between passes by drawing a squigly line on the face I was jointing. I have not done this before but I think this is going to help a lot more than relying solely on my 4' level to test for straightness. After I got one face of each board jointed this way, I planed them in my planer using the same squigly line method. Then I finally planed them to the desired thickness. All in all, it seems the boards sit very tight with no cupp
  6. Did another few necks, trying to get good/consistant/eliminate variables. Last two necks have the same gap as the first pic. I wonder if I'm using too much glue? I lay down 5 * 2mm beads of glue over each piece of 2.5" wide wood, then spread it with a spackle tool/joint knife.
  7. This only reinforces my love of ash body guitars, nice mate.
  8. Looks like I needed to plane multiple passes after jointing slightly bowed boards. More even glue coverage probably helped. I did another neck and it has came out well. Will post pics tonight.
  9. I use a dewalt planer to plane the individual laminations flat, yet it seems the laminations thinner than 1/2" are not jointing wholly with their sister boards. What can cause this? My tools are new. Please see pics here: https://imgur.com/a/eg4OXqa
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