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  1. Hello - congrats on the well deserved GOTM win! Cheers!
  2. Well I’ve never played in band so this shouldn’t be a problem I fall under the “camp fire guitarist” category haha. I’m more likely to poke a hole in a wall in my apartment.
  3. @Gogzs Just looked these Strandberg guitars up. Really interesting, but I’m not sure whether I like the headless design. Looks like an amputated arm , but it seems quite popular. I see what you mean about the jack though. I didn’t place it near the strap button as that is where the racing stripes wrap around the body. Honestly I was even thinking of not having strap buttons at all and just keeping the body as clean as possible, but where’s the fun in playing only while sitting.
  4. @Bizman62 Yes of course, no offence taken at all. I just tried it out the other way (without connecting to an amp) and it’s not that comfortable. The green line is not long enough to sit on the left leg, such that the red line sits comfortably on the right. It’s a bit unstable in that position. My ESP ltd explorer on the other hand was comfortable in that position, as the treble wing is way longer near the frets. So @Ronkde you may want to adjust the design if you intend to play it that way.
  5. @Bizman62 I’ve always rested guitars along the green line on my right leg. That’s the most comfortable position for me. I would imagine the only time I’d not want the guitar sitting that way is if it were a Flying V, but I’ve never played one.
  6. It was really difficult to get the wood I wanted, as there is no real luthier or lumber market here. Most suppliers were only willing to sell me really large slabs of wood. When I saw the walnut piece, after 3-4 weeks of searching in during a COVID lockdown, I loved the grain immediately. The Danish darkened the wood and poly gave it a nice semi-gloss finish It balances really nicely on the lap and also on the strap. Zero neck dive and really comfortable to play. When you say playing pointing up, did you mean like a classical guitar posture? The jack socket would get in the way of that (see the red line). I play with it resting on my leg along the green line.
  7. Definitely not! This guitar wouldn’t have been built without guidance from luthiers on this forum and detailed videos posted by luthiers on all sorts of issues. I would not be happy calling myself a luthier and selling this guitar to a customer - there are some flaws that I would think a customer should not have to look past. Also, this guitar would’ve been substantially cheaper if a luthier built it
  8. The sabbatical guitar - first build with zero experience I’m a corporate lawyer on sabbatical. With some free time on my hands, I decided to build this guitar with absolutely no experience working with wood or power tools. Somehow, after watching YouTube videos and bombarding forum members with questions, I competed the build this month. The guitar was built partly in a rented workshop and partly on my dining table (as you can imagine, my wife was not too happy about it). In terms of design, I wanted to build a guitar for playing rock and heavier stuff. That’s why I designed it to have sharper lines and a more aggressive look. The dark wood, all black electronics and high output distortion humbuckers, were chosen with this in mind. Here are the specs: - Scale - 25.5” - Neck-through construction - 5 piece laminated neck (3 x maple, 2 x walnut) - 6 piece body (4 x walnut, 2 x maple) - Ebony fretboard - Walnut truss rod covers with laser cut brass inlays with my signature - Finish – Danish oil, followed by polyurethane - Seymour Duncan Distortion humbuckers pickups (SH-6N and SH-6B) - Schaller 3D-6 bridge - D’addario auto trim tuners - Ebony knobs - Brass inlay fret markers - Bone side dots - Copper tape shielding Shout out to all the forum members that answered my million questions! Thanks for all the help! The link to the build thread is here: https://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/54092-custom-guitar-build-first-time-build/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-604197 Till the next one, Cheers!
  9. Final pictures - looks like its all set up and ready to go! Cheers and thanks for all help guys!
  10. Yep - repeated the entire finishing process. A few coats of danish and a bunch of coats of poly after the danish. Continue with the beers - seems to be working!
  11. This looks and sounds amazing! Fantastic work Cheers
  12. That fretboard is really interesting! Great and unique piece of wood
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