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  1. hi every one i need some advice on tone wood i picked up two nice pieces of lumber today 1 is a piece of maple 1 1/2 thick tiger eye 8 inches by 4 feet and 2 is a huge piece of old cherry 20 inches wide by 4 feet 1 inch thick i was thinking about either a cherry bass 1 inch and the top 3/4 maple top with a maple set neck or the other was to solid maple with a with a cherry neck through please any thoughts or ideas would be help full before i start ripping and planningVisit My Website
  2. this is my ml project. poplar body, maple neck ,floyed rose trem .l500xl pup in the bridge inf1 in the neck, wilkinson tuners,all the silver is done in silver leaf my ml ml2
  3. dude i wish i had seen that before i started i spent hours on razorback research
  4. first of all u need a few things before u start like a neck u need scale length to set the trem in the right place mine is set at a 25.5 scale 22 fret the strings r tight in standard tuning so i use very low tuning for bending i just went to deans web site stared at the rust razorback for hours got a doner guitar and took off the measurements off that mine not very accurate i should have made the body 5 inches longer past the trem u defenatly need to bevel the edges man thats what a razor is man ive got like 40 hrs in mine all by hand and was worth every minute im sure that dime guitars are a short scale like 24 1/4 if your not to sure on what in talkin bout do some research trust me my scale is out 1/2 an inch and my intonation is so so. im a noob and didnt reasearch near enough before i started
  5. heres mine the floyed is goin in 2 weeks http://www.bolt.com/madman01/photo/picture_023jpg/3139931 all hand bevelled with a wrasp and files its bout 90% done and sounds awesomeim a huge dean fan and have a dime razorback v in progress
  6. i had takin the measurements off the doner guitar and i guess i should have the body a bit longer so far it sounds quite good i had modified the bridg so it can go up in pitch as well as soon as i get my digi camera back ill post better pics thanx for the comment ot gears me up for my v project
  7. sup well i have some crappy cam pics of my razorback build ill post better quality pics on my new build (flying v) http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/10377/Picture6.jpg http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/10377/Picture5.jpg http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/10377/3.jpg http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/10377/1.jpg
  8. my apologize about the drawing its drawn like thart because thats the way its wired now i purcased this guitar after someone else started ripping out wires and most of the wires were cut off the switch there are lots of diagrams of switch s but i cant find this particuler one may be this can help
  9. gripper that site has awsome refference but a still cant find the wiring for my particuler switch thanx anyway
  10. well my electronic skills are slim so are my drawing but i attempted to draw a rough layout of my wiring the wires the the question marks are what i need help with
  11. i have this switch and need to wire it up to 1 hum 2 single coils 1 vol and 2 tone pot and cannot find any info on it can anyone help me please
  12. hey for edging try a grinder with sanding pads works great i just finished my razorback replica worked awsome
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