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  1. Cool, this gives me some ideas for a replica motorcycle Im building comprised of parts from the late 1920's and 30's. Most of the pieces are rusted and weathered and the issue of making a faded and worn brand name on the tank was unsolved till now. This would be a great look for the bike. Thanks ! -Vinny
  2. Hello Dan, 2 highly recommened books to have, Lots of what you requested is covered in here: Melvyn Hiscock's 'Build Your Own Electric Guitar' see Amazon for a copy. Do a search here on his name and you'll have lots to look over, He also stops in now and then. -And other book covers just about everything on wood finishing questions: Flexner's Finishing Wood, here's a thread where I reminded members: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=43104&st=0&p=458394&hl=melvyn&fromsearch=1&#entry458394 Take care, Vinny
  3. I hope I'm not late to the party, but I came upon this tonight and thought it was a cool idea. A Stapler like Punch that die-cuts most plastics into a guitar pick shape. The website shows old gift and credit cards being punched up. http://the-gadgeteer.com/2010/10/29/pick-punch-review/
  4. I spent some time completely re-doing the small desktop CNC Mill and Im finally beginning to see some results. This is a huge but fun learning curve. I re-sized my full scale guitar cad drawings down to mini size to test cut on the little table. They included mostly 335 shaped stuff like body, headstock and 3 ply neck lams. Thanks for looking, -Vinny
  5. I concur, a great member here.

  6. Hey Drak, good to see your stuff here. Beautiful work on this one, I especially like the binding choice and headstock design, very classic. I always admire the level of work you turn out, then I recall you have no 'big shop' to build in and modest tools. I walk in your shadow my friend. Bravo !!! -Vinny
  7. Then God steps in .... he he. Thats a great side note, divine intervention ?? -Vinny
  8. It sounds better if its not referred to as a commission, more like your building for your relative which Im sure a lot of people here have done. The 'C' word sounds like you're in business. Parts at cost and a little added on to get you into your next build is my suggestion, not $1500. I also recall the '10' thread having great advice and ideas. Good luck -Vinny
  9. Came home tonight after watching local Fireworks with my family. The paint had dried on the Z axis so I took out the tools and assembled it. Heres a couple pics. -Vinny
  10. I shelved the desktop CNC for now and I'm back working on the shop 24x36 Table. The red paint really put new initiative into the build. It looks purposeful now. The Z axis is coming together, I re-did a couple of areas and Im happy with how its coming along. Gonna place the order for the 4 belts this week, 2 twins for the long axis, 1 to go across and a mini for the compact Z axis. The rest of the parts are here, ready to go. -Vinny
  11. Looks great John, I cant wait to see this one finished. -Vinny
  12. Wow, that sure is perty ! -Vinny
  13. FWIW, I've purchased from GuitarHeads and was pleased with his prices and service. We put together a package of hardware I needed for 2 Tele builds that worked out well for me, pickups, bridges, tuners, string trees etc. I will buy from him again. -Vinny
  14. awfully slow John, Im pulling the garage apart now that the warm weather is here to better organize the work area. And re-sawing a bunch of lumber into usable sized pieces. I really got out of hand by accumulating too much stock. I have enough to build with for years to come. I calculated the ideal size for neck blanks, sides for bending, center blocks and tops and backs. Then marked up my rough boards for cutting. I should post a picture, its like that show here the States called "Hoarders" -Vinny Your build is inspiring me to get back to my hollow body. I miss the feel of dried Titebond on my fingers, and the look of my kid's faces when I peel it off and watch their reactions, very funny.
  15. great old saying that I'm trying to piece together, heres the basic jist of it: "The apprentice will make a mistake, not realizing what he did. The Journeyman realizes his mistake. The Master Craftsman makes a mistake, he hides it perfectly or it become part of the overall design." -Vinny
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