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  1. Hallooo! I play an esp les paul type guitar. I recently joined a hardcore band and they play downtuned at C #. What string gauge would be best for doing this? Any neck adjustments involved? Also, for my songs, we tune up all strings except the low C# to create a drop D pattern. What type of string gauge would let me do these things? My strings are teribly wobbly when i do this with what i have right now because im using extra lights lolol. Thanks! Tom
  2. I did this contest called guitar hero here in Montreal. On stage, there were two marshall halfstacks on each side of the stage for each guitarist. In the middle, they had two mode fours side by side. The mode fours were actually 1 inch thick. They were just plastic panels with a marshall design on them. I thought they were real until one of the organisers showed me they were fake. I was on stage and I didint even notice. At the final of the show, the show took place in a bigger hal and they had a wall of like 10 stacks. Once again, they were fake 1 inch panels of Marshalls!!!!!!!!!!! HOW LAME!!! loooool Marshalls actually provides these. ive seen them at guitar shows too. hilarious Tom
  3. yeah i agree with you that the drumming sucks i told my drummer to go to hell and I slapped him in the face last night. nah just kidding, the drummer is a drum machine. I like why arent you smiling the best out of the bunch too. In the beginning, it was just a filler but it actually turned out pretty nice. As for tying shoes, im gonna try and put a little more variety into it. Try and fill up those sort of awkward gaps in between strums.
  4. Thanks for the comments! I pretty much agree with you on all the things you said. I like her tying my shows for the first part. But after that, recording it was friggin boring. Thanks!
  5. hey guys, my band "Feckin 5 Rose" recently finished recording a few songs for our CD the lyrics aren't finished yet but id like to hear some input from you guys. what do you think? http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=54128113 Thanks for everything guys!! Tom
  6. i got the avt 275 its good. way better than the old piece of garbage valvestates. the clean is awesome but the dist. isnt very heavy metallish or shred type. if youre into classic rock or anything else i think it would suit your needs. if you need metal just buy a pedal with it. I LOVE MINE
  7. <img border="1" src="http://www.champlaincollege.qc.ca/st-lambert/site2/newsite/images/mainpage/banner_01.jpg"> i donno if this will work
  8. Well... My old computer has a Creative Soundblaster PCI card and it had no delay when i recorded. And that card is like 6 years old. Is that card better than my current integrated system?
  9. Hey guys. I just bought a new computer today. When I try to overdub on a track there is a slight delay in the recorded sound. Im using an integrated soundcard. I know its not the best but i didint think it would have a delay... Is there any possibility that its not the soundcard and something else? It seems unprobable for even the cheapest soundcard to do that these days no? Thanks!
  10. Yeah PSW I already use audicity for doing my tracking. Its pretty good. That drum machine you suggested looks ok but its sorta too basic for me. And MICKGUARD. Thats a good idea. Im gonna check that out. I got the program but i cant install it yet(no administrative privilegdes). Ill do that and check it out. Any more suggestions?
  11. tell me that program is free and Ill be happy Is it? Any other ideas guys?
  12. Hey guys. Do you know of any program that you can create full drum tracks by writing what you want in drum score? Then when its in drum score you make it into a wav. file and transfer into a tracking program. Does this exist or am I just an idealist? Thanks! TOM
  13. ultraman


    http://www.bestbuy.ca/catalog/proddetail.a...ogon=&langid=EN Do you think its worth it? Im gonna be using it as a student computer for writing essyas, listening to music and maybe a few games. Im also planning to do some pretty basic recording on it. What do you think guys?
  14. ultraman


    Hey guys. I use powertabs alot to write down the music i make. It takes a very long time to do so this is qhat im thinkinf of. Is there any way of connecting my keyboard to the program to tab things that way? I have midi jacks on the back of my keyboard. How would i go upon doing this? Thanks!
  15. How should i plug this into my computer soundcard? http://www.music123.com/Behringer-Eurorack...02-i83056.music Thanks
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