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  1. Hallooo! I play an esp les paul type guitar. I recently joined a hardcore band and they play downtuned at C #. What string gauge would be best for doing this? Any neck adjustments involved? Also, for my songs, we tune up all strings except the low C# to create a drop D pattern. What type of string gauge would let me do these things? My strings are teribly wobbly when i do this with what i have right now because im using extra lights lolol. Thanks! Tom
  2. One night, me and my friends went drinking. One of my friends ended up getting very drunk and lost when trying to get home. He went in a complete opposite direction and ended up cities away from where he lives. He then decided to call his parents. He lied down on a bench in front of a mall while waiting for them. then, 3 gangsta guys and a girl go up to him. One of the guys says : how could you not kick a defenseless drunk lying on the ground? Then they start kicking him in the face. My friend ended up in the hospital and his face required surgery. Luckily, he called his parents BEFORE the inc
  3. yeah i guess it depends how you see it. i understand your point of view. but you have to admit school does get you places that minimum wage jobs wont get you im wasnt saying that you were gonna do that your whole life by the way.
  4. quit youre 17. you shouldnt be working those kind of hours. stay in school and get a proper job. get another job like that but in the daytime. those hours are horrible sorry for being so to the point
  5. I did this contest called guitar hero here in Montreal. On stage, there were two marshall halfstacks on each side of the stage for each guitarist. In the middle, they had two mode fours side by side. The mode fours were actually 1 inch thick. They were just plastic panels with a marshall design on them. I thought they were real until one of the organisers showed me they were fake. I was on stage and I didint even notice. At the final of the show, the show took place in a bigger hal and they had a wall of like 10 stacks. Once again, they were fake 1 inch panels of Marshalls!!!!!!!!!!! HOW LAME!
  6. I figured it out yesterday. I did basically what guitar guy said. I think the xp version is fine. I just wanna talk t0o my friends, not send them super high def graphics lol My computer that is connected to the net isnt the greatest, so live slows down the whole computer.
  7. thats not it... when i sign in there is no preferences to check or uncheck it just does it automatically i looked through the options but theres nothing that i can change as far as i can see
  8. Im having problems with my windows messenger. When i sign in i have to make a "passport". When i do this, other ppl that use the computer also can acces my account. How do i just arrange it so everyone signs in with their own account? Thanks! Ultra
  9. yeah i agree with you that the drumming sucks i told my drummer to go to hell and I slapped him in the face last night. nah just kidding, the drummer is a drum machine. I like why arent you smiling the best out of the bunch too. In the beginning, it was just a filler but it actually turned out pretty nice. As for tying shoes, im gonna try and put a little more variety into it. Try and fill up those sort of awkward gaps in between strums.
  10. sign up for business or engineering theres also music school
  11. Thanks for the comments! I pretty much agree with you on all the things you said. I like her tying my shows for the first part. But after that, recording it was friggin boring. Thanks!
  12. hey guys, my band "Feckin 5 Rose" recently finished recording a few songs for our CD the lyrics aren't finished yet but id like to hear some input from you guys. what do you think? http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=54128113 Thanks for everything guys!! Tom
  13. i got the avt 275 its good. way better than the old piece of garbage valvestates. the clean is awesome but the dist. isnt very heavy metallish or shred type. if youre into classic rock or anything else i think it would suit your needs. if you need metal just buy a pedal with it. I LOVE MINE
  14. Hey guys! Spring is here, shorts are back in town and the girls are looking good. I gotta learn some poppy accoustic songs to sing along with while sitting outside on the grass at school. Anyone got any suggestions of catchy songs that are fun to sing? Its fun to play scales n stuff, but if you really think of it, what people really want are songs that they know and can relate to. Help! haha Tom
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