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  1. Oh well. I guess ill stop here because its past the point. The only music we have at my church is a priest singing with no backup.
  2. Look. I know what a monitor is for. I just dont think its nescessary in this case.
  3. Why do you need monitors anyway? Its a church and not a rock concert...
  4. I dont have the program to run that though...
  5. i can play eruption The tapping part is soooo useful for future reference!!! I suggest you all at least go through the tapping part. Do you guys have any good song suggestions with easy to find tabs on the net? That would be really nice. Thanks
  6. That guy has some pretty cool stuff.
  7. Does anyone here play eruption?
  8. Jehle, your little version of frosty the snowman is really getting me in the holiday spirit Thanks a bunch Merry Christmas to all.
  9. I can see where he got his influence from Its weird, everybodys using Ibanez now...
  10. Welcome friend! I dont like musicians forum that much either... Full of pissed of people... Hope you like your stay!
  11. Oh ive heard of bumble foot. Hes the guy with a guitar shaped like a bumblebee with a foot. He plays fretless guitars if if not mistaken...
  12. Can you read standard notation? I have to learn this if i want to go study Jazz guitar.
  13. Damn, this thread has been getting more attention that I thought. My favorite shredders are : Steve Vai (of course) Yngwie Malmsteen ( of course ) Joe Satriani ( of course ) John Petrucci Paul gilbert Rusty Cooley Joe stump Eddie Van Halen Sorry but i have to say this... Kirk Hammet And i recently discovered an amazing guitarist from this thread !!! Vinnie Moore !!! Thanks for the suggestion whoever it was. This isnt the end though... Keep em coming in!
  14. Good idea Curtis. Ill try to record something this weekend and post it up here. So keep checking for my recording. All i have to do is find a way of putting it up on the net.
  15. Why were you are roadie? You should be playing the show!!!
  16. some tunes of me or shredders?
  17. I just checked out Joe stump. Really good stuff. Sounds like Yngwie and Rising force but as a band.
  18. Oh my god... Vinnie moore is amazing! Thanks curtis He doesnt just shred...he actually plays melodies!!!
  19. I recently just discovered Rusty Cooley. A guy I played a show with told me about him. I then checked his site out and was completely blown away. Thats what gave me the idea of starting this thread. I was kinda bored of always playing the same old yngwie, steve and satch you know? By the way, Paul gilbert is amazing!
  20. My mom told me i was like that when my sister was born. Dont worry, i turned out just fine Congratulations!
  21. Thanks a bunch guys! Keep em coming. Im checking em all out!
  22. Hey guys. Im looking for some new shredding songs and artists to add to my repertoire. Got any suggestions of songs or artists? Try to be original here because my goal here is to discover more than just the regular common shredders. Thanks a bunch guys!
  23. do you have to have one battery per pickup installed?
  24. Oh my god... Im not a very big fan of pantera or damageplan but when i read alot about dime in guitar world. When i learnt about what happened i had shivers run through my whole body. I almost cried. Damageplan came here last week and I couldnt go because my parents wouldnt let me. Now i really regret not going. As someone said earlier, i took this tour for granted and as one of many to come. Youll always be the king ! RIP
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