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  1. I was thinking of having a seymour duncan JB in the bridge and a Jazz p/u in the neck position. That seems to me like a pretty logical thing to do since so many metal-related guitar companies are doing it. What do you think? As for the active emgs, are they harder to install than regular pickups? Thanks for the input guys. Keep it coming!
  2. maybe hes part of the Dean street team... know what im talking about here?
  3. Hey guys, Im looking to upgrade me trusty flametop ibanez RG from its stock powersound pickups. The sound im looking for in this upgrade this guitar is a british 80s thrash metal sound. (metallica, maiden, megadeth, etc.) Got any suggestions? The only limitation that i have is thay they have to be passive pickups. (I dont wanna route my baby) Any links to soundclips or info pages you have, would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Its true that the riff to holy wars... isnt that fast but you really have to stick to the rythm to make it sound right. Thats the hard part. We auditionned for the christmas show at school last week but they told us we could only play if we played a christmas song... So were gonna do a jazzy jam on jingle bells and then when noone expects it, MEGADETH baby!
  5. i want to play holy wars... but my guitarist cant keep up! The intro is pretty fast so were probably gonna choose something a little easier.
  6. Hey guys, i have an ibanez rg with a tremolo with very high action! I know that to lower my strings i have to use an alan key on the two poles holding the trem up but im scared of messing up the wood in which the poles are sitting inside... Is there any chances of anything going wrong here? Any input towards this would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  7. one song weve just added to our list is FEAR OF THE DARK!!!
  8. i think it would be kinda dumb to spend 200 $ on a modeler that is as cheap as the v-amp if it was a pod i would say go for it, but in this case ...
  9. did you do the battle yet curtis?
  10. we made it though the audition fine with the 2 megadeth songs but i need new stuff im thinking back in black and i believe in a thing called love Its not the music i like best but i think at least 3/4 of the school will at least know what were playing!
  11. good luck with that. Vote number two for some APC or Tool. Nobody can possibly dislike either band's music. why do you say good luck with that?
  12. nice! i love it whenever anyone plays anything but metallica at school shows... everyone does metallica all the time!
  13. is raining blood the song with the spider crawl riff? were gonna play holy wars..the punishment due good suggestion for hangar 18!!! keep em coming!
  14. Well at the moment were playing two megadeth songs from their new cd the system has failed. Back in the day and Shdow of deth. Theres no way im playing metallica since everyone does it all the time. Im thinking of introducing my school to Slayer! what ya think?
  15. the microphone and the mixing process doesnt make the sound, its just supposed to make it sound better and more equal.And even if they used the best equipment available just because its original it doesnt make it sound nice...
  16. ultraman


    Hey guys i have a band and we havent been playing any new material recently. Were trying to find some new songs to play because its getting kinda repetitive. We got 2 shows in two weeks but we dont want to play the same old stuff we always do. Anyone got any song suggetions? Any suggestions you can offer would be really appreciated. By the way were about 16 years old each and were playing to 16 year olds just to give you a brief idea of what this is gonna look like. Thanks!
  17. [quote name='!!METAL MATT!!' date='Sep 2 2004, 02:09 PM'] !!METALLICA SUCKS NOW!! St anger is crap flat out. The only way they can redeem them selfs in my mind is if thy build a time machine and travel back in time and beat the crap out of them selfs for puting out this garbage as for the nu metal kids I would sugest some real music like DEATH,EXTOL,ZAO,CALLENISH CIRCLE, ANACRUSIS,IMMORTAL SOULS,ACOUSTIC TORMENT,AMETHYST,NOIZ,OVERKILL, INDWELLING, So try them out AND STOP LISTENING TO METALLICA!! thanks !!METAL MATT!! [/quote] Just cause YOU dont like it it doesnt mean you have to tell everyone else what to think!!!! Metallica put out an album they were proud of and they spent time writing this and all you can do is diss it??? If you dont like it its fine with me but dont tell everyone else what to think!!! As a musician you cant always come up with hit songs, you have to take chances. Im a musician and i write songs. Sometimes people dont like my songs but they dont go around dissing them. I put time and effort into them and metallica does too. Then guys like you go around dissing what the musician loves doing. Sorry if i kind of exploded but I just cant accept that kind of remark. I myself dont like St Anger so this has nothing to do with the cd but with your whole attitude towards peoples art!!! ( i meant all of this this in a constructive and not destructive way )
  18. i used to HATE it, but after hearing it live, i love st anger and frantic But seriously, didint they realize how SHITTY THE DAMN SNARE SOUNDED?????? what the hell was going on in their heads?!?!?!?
  19. Hey guys. anyone here from Montreal? I thought i'd tell you guys about a guitar playing contest thats going on in montreal at the moment. Its called guitar hero. Basically its duels between amateur or semi-pro guitarist that were chose through auditions. You can check the site out at Guitar Hero Anyone been to one of the shows? Id like to hear what you have to say about this kind of competition. I'm one of the participants in the competition and I made it to the 2nd round but didnt make it through the 2nd If you want you can see pics of me and others from the show at this site. Gh pics Its really worth checking out! (Im the guy with the navy blue RG playing against the guy with the Les Paul) ( Im wearing a black shirt and im in the 9th pic ) so id like to hear what you guys think about the competiton, the pics and whatever else! thanks a bunch!!!
  20. Damn im one of the biggest metalligeeks and i never heard that song... weird... I guess ill go check it out
  21. what is ronnie from metallica??????
  22. never mind ... not time signature just read the notes at their length and play em slower with a metronome
  23. what songs is steve vai playing on the demo for his legacy amp? ive heard them millions of times and even live but i cant remember the names can anyone help? heres the link : http://www.carvin.com/multimedia/ distorted sound : ??? clean sound : ??? thanks!
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