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  1. LC Guitar... this is one of the ugliest instruments I've seen in a long time. That being said it is so weird and unique that it gets my vote this time.
  2. Spent the day sanding and got the first coat of oil applied.
  3. Likely to hold a wire for pickup/preamp/battery.
  4. I have two... the big one I used a lot, the small one I never use. I'll check when I get home.
  5. Already started moving some of this to eBay. If interested in anything speak up!
  6. 74 Straight Abalone Strips 95% sure these are Paua. 1" long x .1" wide Retail: $90ish Asking: $45.00 shipped! Ambrosia/Spalted Maple Top Super thick for carving. 22.5" x 14.75" x 1.125" Sold
  7. Sperzel Trimlock Tuners, Black, 3+3, #5 Button Brand new Retail: $70ish Sold! Used Black Bass Tuners 4 Inline Not sure the brand, probably Schaller Heavy and smooth, decent plating with some dings and chips. Asking: $25.00 shipped! (heavy) Seymour Duncan Humbuckers Retail: $75ish SH2-N Jazz w/SD Logo - Slightly used, drawer wear: $35.00 shipped! SH2-N Jazz no Logo - New but drawer worn: $35.00 shipped! SH2-N Jazz no Logo - New w/plastic: Sold SH3 Stag Mag - New slight wear: $40.00 shipped! Tons of blend pots, Chrome 3TDP Switches, Barrel Jacks, Dunlop Stra
  8. I have so much stuff sitting around my garage that I can no longer bring myself to buy new things to try. That's a problem as I'm always finding new stuff I want to check out! If I were still selling guitars with any regularity it would probably be much easier to rationalize all this stock, but for now it just seems silly. I've gone through and done a first round of culling my inventory. Hopefully I'll be able to try some new stuff soon! I'm looking forward to trying the new Hipshot "D" style bass bridges. All prices below include USPS Priority mail shipping to the continental USA unless no
  9. You can never have too many clamps.
  10. Thanks to everyone who voted the SF3co prototype GOTM for March!
  11. This is an old company that's made a lot of instruments (and a few of them have helped directly affect the course of musical history). My guess is once you find a formula that works you might be hesitant to change it. There's also a lot of buyers out there that want the "authentic" original product and watching the video gives me no reason to doubt McCartney's bass was built in a VERY similar manner, possibly with some of the same jigs and tooling. Why are these guys so fast/good? They are factory workers! They have a quota to fulfill and each person is responsible for a single task or smal
  12. I would love to be proven wrong but pretty sure those Musician Friend specials are not German made.
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