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  1. I am trying to understand some of the sight reading involved in classical guitar. I think that the roman numerials are what fret you bar, right? What I'm really confused on is the numbers that are circled. Any info would be appriecated. Thanks
  2. I've been thinking about building my first acoustic guitar for awhile but haven't because building the neck bothered me. I was thinking, is it recommended to build the body and buy a neck or if I'm no willing to slave over a neck then it's not even worth bothering with? If anyone knows a really good site for buidling an acoustic guitar with step by step instructions, that would be great. Thanks.
  3. billy corgan david gilmor randy rhoads jake e lee and of course hendrix
  4. I hate to ask, but is there a difference if something is a preamp? I'm just trying to learn all the aspects before I buy a tube amp. Some say all-tube preamp and some don't. It just makes me curious if there are two different types of tube out there.. Thanks.
  5. Are you talking about the blues junior or the blues deluxe? I've played the junior in a store and it was amazing. If I had $400 I would have taken it home. I've never played the blues deluxe so I can't help you there. I was actually considering them both depending on what people had to say about them. If one is generally considered by most people as a better buy then I swing towards that one. But I'm sure that I'd be happy with either.
  6. Thanks. I think I might buy a Fender Blonde Blues amp. If anyone has this one and feels that it has some pro or cons worth mentioning, please do-but from what I hear It's a really awesome amp.
  7. I disagree with your guitar ranking system or whatever you're trying to say. Guitars should be your opinion by whats considered holy and not a finalized remark.
  8. I was recently told by someone that a 15w tube is about as loud as a 60w solid-state. Are the tubes louder than solid-states with less watts? If so, then that means I can spend less money on a less expensive amp because I thought if I wanted a loud tube amp, I'd have to get a 100w one. Thanks.
  9. People come from different styles of putting together music, and I've seen many since I'm going to school to be a music producer. What it sounds like you're doing is writing a verse riff and then a chorus riff seperatly, finalizing it, and then trying to make it fit over a drum beat. Many times this is (and in my opinion) laziness. Just because you like what YOU wrote the first time doesn't mean it works with whatever else is being played. Kinda of like trying to put a square into a circle. You just have to simply change it, or change the drum rythem from 4/4 to 6/8 or whatever it might take. Most famous musicians 99.9% of the time end up using completely different rythems and sounds than they originally started with on a picticular song. Just because you started it one way doesn't mean that it cannot changed. I hope this helps and I hope I understood where you were coming from.
  10. When I first changed strings on my Fender, I had never work with a floyd rose system before, when restringing, I looked down and to my dismay the bridge was sticking up at about a 35 degree angle because I kept trying to tune it. The whole thing was by accident because I wasn't paying attention. Now whenever I use the w-bar, it never returns to the pitch it was in. I have three springs in the back so I'm sure I have enough tension. Do you think that I bent it? That's what I'm guessing and I'm thinking about buying a new floyd rose system, but I'd thought I'd ask just in case someone has a trick.
  11. An inversion sounds correct. Since I'm just learning scales for the first time the are probably teaching the easy stuff. Thanks.
  12. I'm taking a theory class and am learning scales. I'm confused on how some piano scales convert to guitar. Not that I don't understand on piano, just guitar. EX: A Major on piano is A-C-E, on guitar it's A-E-A-C#-E. How does the C# happen to come in on the B string to make that chord? Thanks.
  13. I have Sonar 4 Studio Edition and it works pretty well. Like anything else, you just have to get use to it. And like anything else again, it does the same stuff more or less that everything else already does. My thought would be to question what the easier use of what software to understand. If you have pro tools, then you have enough in terms of editing, but if you want software effects and video input then you're going to have to pay extra with any software program.
  14. Nevermind, I found out it's the headphone out line........................................................................................................Now I just feel stupid!
  15. It just dawned on me that maybe the headphone out could possibly be used for recording or other things. Can that be done?
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