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  1. Pariah, could you explain a little more what you mean about the Kinkead book? I have heard that the Cumpiano's book is a little outdated, but the Kinkead book is pretty new. What do you mean there is misinformation and calculation errors? Any advice would be appreciated. I am trying to learn as much about acoustics as possible, and Kinkead's book is all I have to go on so far (and the OLF).
  2. Cool! I just got the Kinkead acoustic book recently, but I would love to have as many resources as possible when I finally get around to doing my first acoustic. Once this comes out, I would love to hear some reviews about it.
  3. Wow! I think this is a record for the number of entries, and they all look great! Kenny's guitar looks cool, scotty's bass is awesome, Mike's Revelation looks great, WezV's is really nice, and the rest all look great too! Jehle and msherman get extra points for building multiple projects, but they should be disqualified for entering so many cool guitars. Just kidding! Seriously, congratulations to all! I really couldn't pick out only one in particular I liked, so I did a null vote. Great work everyone!
  4. Another difficult choice. Erik's 8 string is a demonsration of superior craftsmanship. Digi2t had a nice looking guitar too. But my two personal favorites are Blackdog and Daniels' guitars. That electric looks great, a simple yet elegant build. I also am in love with the limba/cedar acoustic. I have been doing a lot of research into building acoustics lately, and this guitar looks very well made, and beautiful too. Congratulations to all!
  5. As already stated, opinions are personal and nobody will be able to affect another person's. There are some people on this board, like Greg, that hate maple tops and double humbuckers, but that happens to be something I really like. Neither of our opinions will change, and hopefully there are no hard feelings between anyone on this board due to that fact. Each person is entitled to vote for whom they choose and why they chose it. Both looks and skills used are how I determine who to vote for. I have voted for guitars before that looked very nice, but there were some flaws in the building.
  6. Looks nice, I'd like to make a neck through bass someday, but it looks difficult. If there is that bit sticking out on the top, does that mean that there is not enough on the bottom? Or is the neck thick enough to stick out on both sides?
  7. They are all great guitars. I LOVE spalted maple but I couldn't vote for Drak, since it's a telecaster. (Although it looks very nice). The acoustic is awesome, but I narrowed my choices down to Doug's and Matt's.....but Doug had cool inlays so he earned my vote. It was a hard decision though since they are all great. Congrats everyone!
  8. I agree with someone's post earlier. I have to vote for Cerb's bass since it is his first attempt ever. It's inspiring to see all the experienced luthiers on this site make a great guitar, but it's just as inspiring to see a new guy make a nice one. But again, congrats to all, these are all great guitars.
  9. Gotcha. I guess I'm still a newbie just trying to learn about different tools before I spend money on them.
  10. I'm confused. I thought it was used for sanding away the wood. There have been several threads recently where people said they used a grinder to make the belly cuts and arm contours. I did what Mattia suggested and watched that Hamer tour, and it looked more like they were sanding than cutting. Well, either way, you all have convinced me to get a grinder. Thanks.
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