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  1. Dayvo got my vote this month, for great blend of aesthetics as well as attention to detail. Well done mate. cheers ,Stu
  2. There's an anticipation that creeps in when a new build's guitar case is slowly opened up to reveal what beholds. Having heard very few 12 string electrics previously I wasn't too sure exactly what to expect, although very well versed with 12 string acoustics and their beautiful 3 dimensional qualities, I couldn't wait. So out came the 'toneflow' out of the case from Jon's hand to mine and the first two thoughts that struck me were, (#1) 'wow, look how big the headstock and tuners are !!'. (#2) 'This thing ain't that heavy yet it's balancing beautifully.......how?'. I wa
  3. I hope you realise the implications of building a 12 string instrument and the damage you impart on the ozone layer. Stringwise, it's exactly twice the amount of damage done than a typical 6 string build. You unfeeling bastard !!!!! An aesthetically more technical looking 'Ethereal guitars' build with some excellent design cues. The vintage feel works for me with this. I remember when you first mentioned building a 12 string electric build and the need of providing a tonal palette that produces precise cleans without sounding brittle , yet also come into it's own once things got a li
  4. My Gran passed away on Christmas Day last week. Not the best timing, although she had a full 93 years and went when she was ready. Condolences to you, Dan. Cheers, Stu
  5. G'day Brian. It's been a while, eh. Hope you've been well. Can't help you with schematics but you may get some hometown help from here if you're interested. Clicky Look forward to seeing you there sometime. cheers, Stu
  6. For carvetops, 5/8" to 3/4" is ample and the normal thickness. Orbital by itself will get you there no worries, it'll just take you a little longer to carve. That's all. cheers, Stu
  7. My usual method is the same as DC Ross. Flap disc grinder, then orbital down the grits. Having said that, the last 3 carves I've done have all been done using rough shaping with a chisel, then violin plane and finally orbital. Mainly by hand tools. Why ??..................................... The method used is influenced by the carvetop timber as some tops are less conducive to a good clean carve with minimal burnout using a flap disc on a grinder than others. In these cases, I'll go back to hand tool methods for the initial rough in. Cheers, Stu
  8. I'm in Oz and one of many that has joined together for a group buy from Jescar for Stainless and EVO wire. The shipment has pretty much reached our shores within the 6 to 10 days they had stated it would take. It's also far cheaper for us to purchase Stainless and EVO wire from them but no conceivable benefit to buy standard nickel/silver wire from them and shipped to Oz. For the true bulk buys (like ours) the prices do drop significantly and worth pursuing. Pound lots minimum is correct, and that really isn't much. Cheers, Stu
  9. Welcome Tim. Well you've found Tim Spittle's website for your figured tonewoods so that's a cracking start !!! He's good for alot of acoustic sets too. +1 for Tim @ Australian tonewoods. I get some of my electric tops and acoustic sets from him. You've started on the right foot by reading and hitting the search button, in fact there'd be very few questions that haven't been asked and answered in previous posts. Welcome aboard. cheers, Stu
  10. F14 ??? does not exist. Pinus Radiata comes in merch grade, F-7 or new strength coding is MGP-10 and MGP-12 Hardwoods (Tassie oak) F-17 supa 17 or F-27 You've got a router, chamber it . Failing that, go to a reputable timber merchant and look for any of the following. Blackwood Qld maple Huon pine (lighter than typical Qld maple) Bunya pine (lighter than typical Qld maple) Tassie myrtle (lighter than typical Qld maple) Qld walnut and U.S. walnut Alder
  11. He's in mid N.S.W. Pete. If you're not able/willing to go to some of the suggested places listed in this thread (and your other one which mirrors this one also) to source decent tonewoods then you're circling back unto yourself with Bunnings F17 grade Mountain Ash/Tassie Oak and chambering for weight reduction. Fine for lintels, beams, deep joists for house framing but definitely not furniture or instrument grade. Do you own a router ? cheers, Stu
  12. G'day Replaceablehead. PSW has it on the money. If you're choosing to go to Bunnings to buy your timber, and especially mgp10 stud grade pine, you're going to get what you deserve. You buy cheap, you get cheap results. You'll get more stability from MDF. I posted a reply to your thread about sources for timbers in oz about a week ago, but one of the mods accidentally wiped it. You also mentioned about the figured timber prices on Luthier sites in Oz being very expensive and what's the point if you "just paint over the top". I feel you are misguided. Figured timbers usually
  13. Guitarstoolmaker............... They no doubt are very good and think it's great you're making them to sell. I got no issues there. A sense of humour would be nice though I got more jokes , but will try to abstain................. cheers, Stu
  14. Very nice stool there. Quite firm too. I also make stools , although not quite as functional in the musical dept. . Sorry guys, it was there for the taking !!!!
  15. There are many great builds and I could see myself picking them all up to have a bash on them. Let's face it, if they make you want to pick 'em up, you're there in my books !!!! Having said that, there was one that carried far more than just depth in the beauty and comfort department. A multi-blended mix of simplicity in styling and thinking on a total other level. It's also more than just Aussie pride, it's Aussie awe. Well done Perry. cheers, Stu
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