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  1. Hi All, Here is my third entry, no my fourth I think anyway. This guitar is called the Revelation. This is the prototype for this model and has been in the works for several years and I finished it in Dec.07 The guitar was scheduled to go to winter NAMM in the AxeTrak booth. As I was doing the final set up on the guitar I noticed some small cracks in the ebony finger board not what a person wants to see three days before departure. I tried to salvage the neck but the glue joint would have nothing to do with that notion which left me one option. New neck. Luckily I had some blanks alr
  2. My vote went to Marcovis. I have heard/read that some people on the forum think his guitars are a modified Les Paul. After seeing his instruments first hand, and I have to say that they are quite unique in many ways. The workmanship is awesome, very detailed work. I love his neck transition it is very sweet and extremely comfortable. Marcovis nice work and a great cause love the woods you used very unique. Mike
  3. I have to say that all the projects this month are awesome each with their own merits. The designs the woods the finishes and the overall composition of the guitars was quite divers. To me thats how we express our art of lutherie. If we all built the same or similar designs how boring would that be. This is truly a great place for the guitar/luther enthusiast. I hope to see more projects in the future from all of you nice job and well done everyone. Mike
  4. Thanks all for the info it looks like HuntinDoug has the cross thing down or what some awesome looking stuff . Mike
  5. i need to find a set of abalone inlays the same as or similar to this looked through the supplies section and looked on the sites and couldn't find any. Can anyone suggest a site or supplier. Mike
  6. Well here I go again I am so thrilled with this guitar. It is the first of this design and I spent a long time getting this thing just right. It was all paid for even before it was completed. It went to music store owner in Perry Iowa(Steve Parnel). It was delivered the same night that Michael Angelo Gave a clinic at Blue Rock Guitars & More. What a great night. It is named the Genesis, and the thing sounds awesome. I had been planing to use a L.R.Baggs T-Bridge for my own guitar, and when Steve said he wanted a guitar he could play both as an electric and acoustic. I told him I've got he
  7. I have to thank everyone for all the votes that got me the win last month. My first win! My vote went to hooglebug - "Desiree" very ambitious carve on that beauty. Very clean work loved the entire thing. I do have to say that verhoevenc bass was kick a$$ loved the laminations and overall design. Very nice work my friend for your first bass keep up the good work..... Mike
  8. Well here is my second entry for GOTM I hope you guys like it. This guitar was a blast to build. The whole thing was born out of a piece of padauk that I had. It called to me / Not. But I split it and book-matched it and the rest of it just fell into place. This guitar has been to both east and west cost for shows. First it went to the NAMM show in California and was in the AXE TRAK booth. Then it went to the DOA(Dean Owners of America) show / party in Tampa Florida where the owner of dean guitars got his hands on it, and he was very impressed with the guitar. A good friend of mine has a store
  9. All three entries are as they say top shelf!!!!!! No really they are all so dam nice love the laminations and use of altenate woods keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next entries from all of you... What did PRS say about your bass??????????? good luck to all! Mike
  10. Good luck to all entries everyones stuff is awsome, and I love the puzzle inlay very cool! The cool thing about the guitar I made is the fact that it is in the hands of Richie Sambora of BON JOVI. Flew to anehiem CA last Feb. to deliver the guitar. Very cool time. Again I wish all luck................... Mike
  11. Hi all here is my first ever entry for guitar of the mounth. I hope you like it. All coments welcome. Good luck to all enrties. Specs. are :Body maple with 5/16" curly maple cap Neck, nine piece laminated with curly maple and blood wood curly maple face on head stock bacote fingerboard with culey maple and blood wood binding inlay my logo in green abalone on 12th fret stew macs jumbo fret wire hot rod truss
  12. Watco natural danish oil is a great product for this kind of thing. I am doing a Purple heart neck through that will be finished natural but i want the grain to stand out a bit more than just with lacquer. Mike
  13. Do you have a custom bike or car shop near you? If you do you could watch and pick thier brain a little. you can also order a dvd from carvin which shows some of thier finishing tech. Mike
  14. I have been building some guitars with laminated necks and bodies. I was woundering i anyone out there is doing the same, and if you had any suggustions on methods of laminating,tips, ect. you get the idea..... And can anyone tell me how to post pics??????
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