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  1. Hi All, Here is my third entry, no my fourth I think anyway. This guitar is called the Revelation. This is the prototype for this model and has been in the works for several years and I finished it in Dec.07 The guitar was scheduled to go to winter NAMM in the AxeTrak booth. As I was doing the final set up on the guitar I noticed some small cracks in the ebony finger board not what a person wants to see three days before departure. I tried to salvage the neck but the glue joint would have nothing to do with that notion which left me one option. New neck. Luckily I had some blanks alr
  2. Glad to have you on-board I think I can speak for everyone in saying that any question you have you can post it in the correct category and the collective that is project guitar will do our best in helping you. Good luck on the first build we would love to see pictures when you get around to that part of your project. Mike
  3. Well the first thing that comes to mind is that wood expands and contracts at a greater rate than shell, so you might run into a problem there. That said you need to have a very stable fingerboard IE. low moister content to start with. As long as your fingerboard is stable and you think it would make the project a hit why not try it. you just need to keep this guitar from moving from extremes temp and humidity and let it acclimate slowly when moved to a new location as you would any guitar, but this one more so. Ten years down the road you may see a little lifting here and there but nothing th
  4. Nice job really nice looking bass! Mike
  5. Awesome idea I would love to come not sure I can make it. I just got back from winter NAMM, and I will be attending summer NAMM in Nashville. So funds are tight but sounds like a blast. Good luck with the event. Mike
  6. My vote went to Marcovis. I have heard/read that some people on the forum think his guitars are a modified Les Paul. After seeing his instruments first hand, and I have to say that they are quite unique in many ways. The workmanship is awesome, very detailed work. I love his neck transition it is very sweet and extremely comfortable. Marcovis nice work and a great cause love the woods you used very unique. Mike
  7. If any of you out there are looking for someone to build you a web site I can build your site for you. I have built my site:Rocksmith Guitars I am Building this site:Hot Rod Vinyl And I just started building my Web designing site:Custom Web Designs Contact info is on the bottom of every page on Rocksmith Guitars. Mike
  8. I just got my quote form up and running on my web site. It took a little doing but I think it will do OK. Let me know what you think. Mike
  9. I have been woodworking for lets see I just turned 42 and I started at 5 yrs old....... Dam thats a long time ! I have used so many different tools it's not funny. But I am impressed with the rigid line of tools. I have their 6" jointer and two of their plunge router sets. One I leave in my router table and the other I use for all of my hand held work. Much nicer then the porter cable router of the same specs. In fact I bought it first and the dam spindle lock broke after two weeks, so I returned it and got the rigid. It is very smooth in operation and has a handy light to see your work better
  10. Really sweet job for the first go around. Great job I look forward to seeing the next one. Mike
  11. it's the same burst i did on my Revelation. The carved top is going to get black hardware. Here is a look at the Revelation......... It's a three color burst / Lemon yellow center, vintage amber, and then cherry red... Hardware on Revelation will be chrome. Mike
  12. sorry wrong path to pick............. Mike
  13. Well after much debate with myself I finally decided on this as my color scheme. What do you think? Mike
  14. Really nice work and very clean. Keep up the good work. Mike
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