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  1. One thing to know about is that if you buy just a cheap soldiering iron pencil that isn't thermal regulated it will keep getting hotter and hotter until its really too hot to soldier with.
  2. I envy those who can take a piece of wood and make it look like glass. I have my talents, but fine wood finishing isn't one of them. Here's a recipe I used to get an acceptably good result on a very very rough strat body: 1) Sand down finish to wood. 2) Use Bondo and put a thin coating over front and back. 3) Sand bondo with 100 grit sandpaper with orbital sander. 4) Use 180 grit sanding sponge to finish smooth - bondo is very easy to get smooth. 5) Spray with 3 coats of Rust-oleum "Hammered" unique Spray paint - following instructions on can - No primer needed goes on great over ba
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