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  1. Hey guys! I recently saw a Buckethead video on Youtube.com (search for bueckethead lesson, you'll find it) that had him playing his white les paul. The guitar was rigged up with an awesome killswitch that he used for super fast in/out signal cuts (think: the heavy Future Breed Machine solo by Meshuggah). it almost looked like a kill button, if that makes sense. I'd love to take out the tone pot of my RG7421 and replace it with one of these bad boys. What do i need to get, where can i get it, and how do i do it? Thanks!!!
  2. Hey guys! A buddy of mine lent me his guitar to do a setup on. He wears the hell out of the guitar, and its in pretty rough shape! Anyway, the biggest problem is some of the fret buzz. On most all of the strings, but not always on the same frets, there is some pretty major buzz. Example : the 12th fret A string is clear and fine, but the 12th fret g has audible buzz. This leads me to think that a few of the frets have some high spots. I've not messed with the truss rod or checked neck relief yet, but it seems alright. How does a man fix such a problem? LAYMANS TERMS, please!!! Thanks guys!
  3. Hey guys! Long time no post... I just got a used Ibanez RG7421 on the 'Bay, and it would appear that the jolly retard that had his hands on this guitar before i got it decided to get a little, erm, expressive with his pocket knife. There are several deep scratches and words in the finish. They don't appear to go down to the wood, they're just white surface scratches. I'm planning on going over the entire glossy body with 0000 steel wool to make it matte. What can i do to erase the words and crap? Help! Ben
  4. Wow! That all sounds... really, really unpleasant. For some reason, i could have sworn i recalled people talking about ebonizing their rosewood boards using analine dye... the procedure involved dissolving the dye in alchohol, if that makes any difference. Anybody else?
  5. Hey guys! Just me again, asking more questions about my possible project... I'd like to have a mirror pickguard for my Ibanez RG7620. The guitar has two humbuckers and a lo pro edge tremelo. Anybody know where i can get the best quality and price? Thanks! Ben
  6. Hey guys! To prepare for my possibe customization of my Ibanez RG7620, i'm trying to gather as much info as i can... The fretboard of the guitar is plain, unfinished rosewood. I'd like it better if it had the straight up black look of ebony. In most of the tutorials i've read, it suggests using black analine dye to achieve the stain. Now, if i was to do this, i would just basically prepare the dye, then rub it on the fretboard, right? The guitar has the usual Ibanez white pearl dots as fretboard markers. If i rub the stain right over them, will it stain the dots as well as the board? I don't
  7. Thanks a bunch for all the replies, everybody! Leaving the posts in sounds like a good idea... I've never taken a tremelo off of a guitar before, though. Got any tips for that?
  8. Thanks for the reply! Pretty much all of the tips you gave me make sense. The only thing is, the guitar has an Ibanez Lo Pro Edge 7 Floyd Rose-style tremelo. I'm concerned about getting the posts and all that jazz back down in the cavities exactly as they are now. I have the tremelo blocked, and plan on keeping it that way for a while (meaning... until i can get my hands on a Tremol-No!), so i'm not that worried about getting the claw screws perfect... with the posts, could i just make a little mark on the posts using something like acrylic craft paint to let me know how far down they're scre
  9. Hey everybody! Been a while since i've been on this board, but i know that you all are definately the people to talk with about this... Here's the deal: Earlier this year, i bought an Ibanez RG7620VK. I was never much of a fan of the VK (vampire kiss) finish, but i wasn't concered about that, as i planned on refinishing the instrument right after i got it. Well, the guitar arrived on my doorstep, and within a day or two, i did a quick setup on it... the guitar easily plays better than any other guitar i've ever touched in my life!!! The action is super low all across the board, the sustain i
  10. Hmm... okay. How do i check to see if it is unseated? If it is, how do i reseat it?
  11. Hey guys! Long time absence from this board... hope everyone has been doing well ! Anyway, i've got a problem with my Dillion DSSRG 7 string. Whenever i play anything on the 2nd fret, it buzzes like crazy. Fret 1 is fine, fret 3 is fine, but fret 2 is awful. It buzzes on all strings except for my high e string. What is this being caused by and how can i get rid of it? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys! Been absent from this board for a while, but now i must return with a question. The other guitar player in my band uses an RG7620 with an EMG 707 in the bridge. The original neck PUP is still there, too, but methinks it's not wired up correctly, as it sounds extremely weak and muddy. But thats not the problem. Whenever he plugs into his 5150 at practice or at home and turns the volume up to any reasonable level, the EMG squeels like a beast. It's a horrible, ear-piercing screech! It renders the guitar virtually unusable. The amp is not to blame. We've used his RG7621, AX7521, and my
  13. Thanks for the tips, butnut! Yeah, he Krylon is clear acrylic. I'd rather not use it, though... it has cracked on me once before already. I was thinking of using either the Minwax clear poly or Deft clear lacq... What about these?
  14. Bowser: Sadly, i don't have a digital camera or a scanner... however, i know a few people who do, so maybe i can get them to help me out with it. I really want you guys to see it, i'm having a lot of fun with it! Currently, about 1/5 of the guitar has been painted... it's gonna be a loooooooooooong project....
  15. Sweet, thanks ! Should i double layer the aluminum foil just to be safe?
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