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  1. Here is a Tele build thread of a Merle Haggard tele which has a contoured heel. The builder offsets the tenon to compensate. My link
  2. maybe the lightest 20% of them are ok - they are certainly not the comfiest design and can get pretty backbreaking at the heavier end of the scale so really i would say if it feels heavy now it will be when completed. thinning it down or hollowing it out will save back cracker bills later on down the line and give you a guitar you still play a fdew years down the line. i say that as someone who has made the mistake of leaving things a little heavy thinking it doesnt matter too much if its just for me! Yeah, they are heavy usually. I meant comfortable to play sitting down. I never stand and play but you didn't know that ...or care for that matter.
  3. I'll PM my address so you can send those tools over This guy can build a mean guitar, can't he?
  4. There are ways around the copyright thing. People switch a letter or two, thus creating a Ferden, Gipson, or in your case an Ibazen. You going to use the Andy Timmons humbucker in there? I've got one in an alder guitar (a Nuno copy) and I really like it.
  5. How thick is it now? Les Pauls are pretty thick but once the carve is done it doesn't seem too thick. I think they are 1.75" mahogany and 5/8" maple. That's 2 3/8" all together. But Les Pauls are comfortable to play, so yours shouldn't be too bad just by looking at it. Keep up the good work.
  6. Looks great Osorio. Nice build and nice pictures too.
  7. I voted for Crow's guitar, but you've got my vote for Father of the year!
  8. Very unique build! Looking forward to the progress. Your builds are always excellent btw.
  9. Well, out of the two guitars the Les Paul looks like the easy build. And that's saying something since I know they aren't easy at all. Really enjoying both builds here. Keep rocking.
  10. Looking really good Dog. You've got me chompin' at the bit to do another LP, one a little more vintage 59-ish. I'm staying tuned to this one.
  11. Very nice guitar! Love the F holes and the overall design. Will look fantastic when glossy. Feels like it takes forever to put a finish on a guitar, don't it?
  12. Very nice, I admire your work. I know what you mean about the binding shards. I did something similar once while wearing a water resistant pullover . Looked like a snowman in no time.
  13. I think that knob is cool enough to build a guitar around.
  14. I like it. Nice clean work, great jigs, and the guitar is looking very nice. I'm sure it's going to turn out beautifully with the finish on. Keep it up.
  15. like the fender rosewood teles I've done a pancake body before and it worked just fine. BTW, has anyone here ever played a RW Tele? Always wondered how they sounded.
  16. Butt fugly. Hey, you asked. I would have to hand it to you for originality though.
  17. So it's the "limited template SG" now. I'm still impressed.
  18. I actually found a thread on the Rickenbacker forum that shows the process. For anyone that is interested, check it out: My link
  19. Ummm...suddenly I'm feeling really stupid. I hadn't thought of that . BTW, I still can't imagine how this product can be used for fingernails, can you? Seems like it would come out like lizard scales or something.
  20. I found some of the same stuff I'm looking for in pre-made laminate sheets at a knife handle website but it was outrageously expensive. Then I found the flakes at a custom fingernail materials site and ordered some. I guess I'll give it a try and post my results in case anyone wants to try in the future. I'll try it out on some scrap to see if it's going to work. Worth a try I guess. Thanks for the responses. And Crash, that was a cool idea that guy had with the bass.
  21. Some of the abalam stuff looks pretty good but it's a different look than the crushed mop in the Rics. Maybe the pics aren't clear enough.
  22. I've been looking at some Rickenbacker inlays and I really would love to have that look in my next build. Have any of you guys ever done this and what advice could you give? Here is what I'm talking about
  23. This might be my favorite of your builds. Beautiful woods and workmanship as usual. I'm always a sucker for a reverse headstock too .
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