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  1. A grip of death is often applying force in the wrong direction, which reduces finer motor control (literally) where its required. If your router has opportunity to bite more than you can control, you're pretty much in freehand territory where anything and everything can go wrong. I've thought about how best to describe the muscle memory and thought processes of using a router for various tasks, and I keep coming back to "you need to get the experience to learn it" which isn't ideal. Sort of like saying that winning at Russian roulette is to keep pulling the trigger until you're good at it.
  2. It's concerning when one's swears end up filtering into other languages.
  3. "Ass wanker" is one of my wife's faves.
  4. How do you date a fish? Cut it in two and count the rings?
  5. If it weren't for the fact that there isn't an AMD equivalent NUC, I wouldn't bother with Intel these days. They are literally releasing chips that are only catching up to AMD's previous generation now. The main issue is finding a GPU, and that leaves me with either a professional card like a Quadro (ten times the RTX equivalent's cost) or buying integrated, which the GPU miners aren't hoarding.
  6. Very nice! I've had a few router bits the last couple of years where the bearing or cutter are slightly off-size, resulting in a small lip. Obviously this is more of an issue if you have to ride the bearing on a previous cut which causes cumulative error.
  7. Even though supply times are looking terrible, I've got in an order for an Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast (Phantom Canyon). The built-in NVidia RTX 2060 will be excellent for my CAD work, however I am guessing that a general chip shortage worldwide thanks to the idiotic demands of crypto mining is putting dates further back on this. My old Skull Canyon 6th gen NUC is having some real fan issues....
  8. Cognitive dissonance is something that on the face of it, sounds like it should unravel or dissolve at the slightest whiff of fact. Unfortunately, contradicting somebody's implausible yet deeply-held batshittery also triggers a conflict within their sense of identity and elevates their threat response, ultimately causing them to become mentally entrenched deeper in that selfsame foxhole of batshit. Sort of like being your own personal captor.
  9. Absolutely. You can't not post from-scratch amp builds here!
  10. Unimogs are a thing of fascination for me, but then again so are things like the BMW R50/60.
  11. "Overbuilt to standard" eh? One would think that doing a job correctly was pouring money down the drain and in fact, not doing one's job correctly. It fucking cranks me when I am expected to lower basic standards or cut corners. It pretty much undermines all qualifications, experience and sense, not to mention pride and the ability to stand beside one's work. Like I'm sure I've mentioned before, if something I do meets my personal standard (which isn't a measure of arrogance, just basic box-ticking) then I'll write my name in it somewhere. Because I know.
  12. Pretty much. That's why you'd want your vintage US car resto project to come from Arizona and not Florida!
  13. I can't say that I've heard that one directly myself. It sounds a little hyperbolic, perhaps more like a way of playing down the lack of quality in modern manufacturing and materials? None of these materials exist in a vacuum! Even A4/316 stainless isn't completely resistant to saltwater. It might just be that 29 Palms is drier than most places as well. Who knows what was in the mind of the person making that statement, eh?
  14. Fewer manufacturers and fewer variations in steel types available for fabrication perhaps? That would greatly reduce corrosion from galvanic coupling between metals of dissimilar composition. That and actually being aware of why one paints or applies electrolytic grease? I use copper grease religiously on my wheel nuts and hub mating faces for that exact reason, especially during winter.
  15. Working in mostly marine architecture and the like, I can attest to the amount of sloppy work that I see being put out into cruise liners. Simple things like the choice of plastic isolating pads from aluminium structures secured to steel deck plates and bulkheads. The cheap and sloppy way is to use what is on hand....plexi? Nope. Nope. PET-G or PVC ideally. What makes them so long-lived as ocean waste is the exact reason one would use them for certain tasks in alkaline marine exposure. I have seen people trying to use A2/304 stainless fasteners in place of the correct A4/316 equivalents.
  16. A big cloud of Birch and Hazel pollen has flown over from central Europe which seems to be firing up our sneezeboxes early. I'm normally a late summer sniffler, but seem to be an easter dribbler instead. Yay, the rest is yet to come. What next? 'king zombies?
  17. I made an Oak Tele with a Walnut neck for a friend in Espoo a while back....the body was shockingly heavy, and I thought it wouldn't sound good. As it turns out, the tone on that was unreal. JB in the bridge, custom Rautia Tele neck with 4-way switching. Epicly huge sounding, a treat with the right verbs and ambience.
  18. I'd say that once you get into the realms of proscriptive "advice", learning stops. Understanding why one wouldn't leave tape under there and why you'd want to use tape in the first place generates knowledge, not rote aping. Leaving heavy tape under the fingerboard has all manner of potential issues that I just wouldn't want in a good neck. Firstly, it makes it more difficult to generate adequate clamping pressure along the edges of the fingerboard since the centre is jacked up from the gluing plane. Rim clamps help, but the easiest way is to remove the problem in the first place; rip the tape
  19. Oof! Maybe not painter's tape. Something thinner like veneering tape, maybe. That stuff is meant to disappear under a joint. I've always ripped back a tape mask and never had issues with glue contaminating the rod to the point of dysfunction. Only if you use an entire bottle, perhaps! That test is pretty much all you can do short of destructive testing to find the failure point. I love LMII/Allied Lutherie's rods though. Those are about as close to engineered as is reasonable. Torquing a welded adjuster triggers something in me. If it were a single-acting rod with a threaded nut bearing agains
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