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  1. I agree, but there seems to be an absolute mountain of to-do's and still only 24hrs in a day. Taking from one hand will probably leave somebody else out (literally?) in the cold. Hey, have you guys heard that some people in Texas believe that the snow was manufactured by the government? Seriously.
  2. Thanks man. I'll take you up on that if/when the time comes. I think I'm going VH1 for a while until the instrument is bedded in and grubby enough that I think it can go full on '79. Curved jigs are the gold standard for rod routes, but often I think of "how can this be done with zero jig making facility?". That said, bending a strip of plywood and screwing it against the edge of a piece of MDF or other plywood isn't exactly rocket science. I think that having a router with an edge guide or two is a real winner for many reasons though, but mostly for jobs beyond guitars. Hey, love yo
  3. This all hinges on whether I go for the full final form Frankie or the VH1 black and white version. I'm leaning towards the latter since it gives me amply opportunity to degrade the body naturally before I do the second painting sessions. Equally, relicing an instrument quickly always ends up looking unnatural. As far as the coin goes, I might use a hobo nickel or maybe a 1976 coin of some description if I do. I'm happy to veer from the accepted norms there.
  4. Now that's very cool as it stands, Drak. I'm not that good at finishing (hey, neither was Ed!) so I guess that this is your particular forté and how you'd be best set to express the concept. It would work, definitely. I'm satisfied by seeing technical challenges or puzzles and completing or solving them. Not that Fender-style guitars offer huge amounts of challenge in general.
  5. This could all be done with templates and hand routers very easily. If I were using that approach this build, I'd do the truss rod channel whilst the blank was still square. The ideal setup is two adjustable fences on a palm router, one fence either side of the blank. Creating the curve for the rod can be done in steps by microadjusting the router cut depth half a mm at a time and marking out along the workpiece where each step begins and ends. Having a bunch of 0,5mm picks stacked between your microadjuster post and depth stop allows easy laying out of your steps. Just check that 10x picks me
  6. The truss rod adjuster nut has 20mm of threaded depth, so given 10mm of initial engagement and moving the anchor out another 10mm, we have 445mm of rod length. I could probably get away with 5mm of engagement for a 440mm length rod, however I don't imagine any neck would need 15mm/15 turns of crankable adjustment, especially over a 6mm steel section. If I remember tomorrow, I'll locate an M6 die and get this threaded up. 10mm at the anchor end and 20mm at the heel end is more than enough. I also filed down the barrel nut to 9,5mm so it sits just below the glueing surface.
  7. Landing it is what I'm worst at, Drak. I tend to hit a point where I know I have one of two choices; continue and drive head first into a problem or hang back (a few years) and wait until I am more able to overcome it. Or able to forget. No, I think the only possible issue with this one is cash. Floyds don't grow on trees, however Gotoh make a very tasty relic bridge that would work nicely here. Unsure whether aftermarket brass blocks are a straight fit, however I can always make one instead if I even swap it out at all. So today I ran up another bit of Birch to do a test run on the
  8. Cheers Drak. I find it hilarious that I'm using quarter of a million's worth of 5-axis CNC to build a guitar that cost dollars to make. Just one of the toolholders costs more than what EVH spent on the first body/neck! I know that Fender/EVH won't be breaking out the butter knives any time soon....so somebody has to overbuild something poorly to show them how it's done....hahaha CNC is the perfect compliment to my strong point which is the desktop work, and it's why I'm doing the job I now do. Working a machine that I can dial in to a few hundredths of a mm (less than a thou) is a calm di
  9. Yep. Those. The subtleties are what make it, not the flash. Most bursts feel like a sheet of coloured acetate without these interacting stages.
  10. I'll be departing from original by using my favourite standard Gotoh SG381 chrome tuners. Schallers of the right type would be expensive, and in my view, somewhat of an excessive attention to detail. Hey, anybody got a good line on original CRL Tele 3-way? They seem to cost an arm and a dick for no good reason....and I doubt that I will be able to source a red (phenolic?) version either! Obviously if I go VH1 this is a non-issue....
  11. Again, here's the body I threw together on the CNC a few weeks back. I might put together another Ash blank and do a second body depending on how I feel about the arm contour. I had a sneaking suspicion that I milled the perimeter with a 1mm offset for a finishing pass, however I was mistaken; I'd done this to the test neck which is currently 0,5mm larger in profile. I can part this from the surrounding material and see how I feel about the forearm contour. I'll do the belly cut and rear rout manually. I can't be bothered to make a vacuum workholding jig for minor jobs like this....
  12. I'm still somewhere in the middle of where to go with this. I could go for a Wolfgang-ish assymetrical profile on the back of the neck, roughing it in using a loft from 1st to 12th. It does open out a little bit of complication re: truss rod, so unless the depth of the assymetrical profile were to be fatter at its greatest extents it could run the outside a bit close to the rod than I'd like. Again, I could reduce the built-in tension to the rod a little. It's all possible and I'm happy to table any ideas to see where they could be taken. Everything will be described in full from methodology t
  13. This is where I figure I can push the neck. Short of using a lower overall profile rod such as an aluminium U-channel, this seems about right. Rhino 7 appears to be having issues antialiasing in OpenGL right now for me, so my CAD might look a bit balls until I can resolve this. Given a neck thickness of 19mm at the 1st and 22mm at 12th, the rod can have a built-in deflection of 4mm. This is based on the peened barrel nut method described. The adjustment nut emerges right at the point where the neck and fingerboard seams meet. This was by intention. It can be lower, however that comes at t
  14. Thanks man, I'll do my best to provide! I've been making noises about this for some time now, so this morning I figured it was a good time to get clacking. There's a lot of source materials around on the Interwerbs, especially the Smithsonian exhibition photos. That shows Frankie how she was a year or two back. A couple of channels on YouTube also document the various aspects of Frankie down to paint types, how it was masked and all that deep dive(r down) stuff. If I go the RWB route, these will be useful background. I've decided that the body will be sealed with shellac rather than
  15. Well, there's your reasoning. I won't delve too deeply into the storied history of Frankie other than where it has affected my design and build decisions, might explain certain things and the like. Losing EVH put a fair amount into perspective that I took for granted in my playing or simply didn't realise I did, and hell, he was pretty much one of the original tinkerers and innovators along with luminaries like Brian May. He's the reason we're here and changed guitar to the point that forums like this exist. There's still two ways I could go with this build. One would be a '78 Franki
  16. The bursts are stunning on top of already stunning woods. I've always liked the subtleties within certain bursts - and tell me if you didn't dial this in deliberately - however the "minor" colours within each section are what make it for me. Seeing a bit of blue or green creeping into the contrast gives them a whole new level. My absolute favourite examples of this are green creeping into original goldtops and around the edges from naturally faded honeyburst. Fender-type colour-colour-colour feels flat and 2D. Why would anybody do this to something with depth and character? Some of yours
  17. Man, I hope so too. As much as a hot shower is a luxury, after being cut off and left out in the cold (literally), you are owed this much I think. That and more.
  18. Looks good, but it'd be wasted on me, that's for sure. I would however not say no to an end-of-timer Unimog crew cab like this: I'm really unsure (actually, I'm sure) whether or not Mercedes will take this into EV territory. You could easily get weekly shopping in that. Maybe convert the back into sauna. I keep trying to convince Nina that this would be fantastic purely since she complains about not being able to see over the bonnet and where the corners are. In a Unimog, that hardly becomes an issue.
  19. Yep! Waste nothing. Hey, this was is Scott's por-gnome thread. Derailing again!
  20. Never seen the need for a truck or 4x4 personally. We just don't get that much off the beaten path. We've been driving a Chrysler 300C for the last two years and its lived up to the reliability of the E Class underneath. The cold starts here cause the ECU to run the mix rich until it warms up the cat. It really sounds grumbly when it does that. The neighbours probably hate me going up/down the hill sideways as well my exhaust dawn chorus! You can't even have fun any more.
  21. Talking of which, Friday evening sauna is up to temp. Beer is equally down to temp. Hard week of designing, fabricating and polishing Corian work surfaces, handwash stations and other stuff for the next Costa ship out of Turku. It's been a dusty but productive week. Yep, 80°C sauna is better than a 70°C "warm dark corner". 90°C gets a bit harsh with heavy löyly, but at least there's more oxygen in the air!
  22. Oh, definitely not. I don't speak with an absolute base of knowledge, only with what I know has led us/Texas to this point. That scumbag Cruz flying his family to Cancún says a lot about how much the Republicans are in it for their electorate of course. I don't see him sourcing PEX for constituents, just soaking his fat greasy body in pools. You might want to boil that water, Mike! Yep, DARVO at every level.
  23. It does. Nina absolutely loves cups of tea and sauna, but not in that combination. It would be beer and sauna.
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