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  1. strat / tele and les paul looks cool I think. there is nothing stupid about it what so ever.
  2. I have used cherry for neck and have had no trouble so use it. volutes?? I think t it was up to the player there are some guitars with volutes and that look nice and there is just as many that don't have the volute. I would say it up to the player/builder
  3. I have used cherry for neck with no trouble. nice to work with and shape give it a go.
  4. I work in a shop that has a few cnc and I can tell you that you will have a lot time in getting the program correct. they do a awesome job if you know what program they use and under stand how to use it set it up not to mention the pods that will hold the wood to the cnc.you can mill right through a pod and there goes your project. by some chance you do get running and the cnc has a crash and even the best oporator have crashed at one time or another it could cost a ton of money to fix. I would go with making the templates and you could use them on other projects.
  5. Seymour Duncan jb in the bridge and jazz or a 59 in the neck in a awesome match
  6. nice stuff I love the tempo and sound you have. I loved it all good luck to you.
  7. I have a 16'' jet bandsaw and I use timber wolf. timber wolf cost a little more but they hold up better and I thin they last longer.
  8. you could use ash that has some nice grain or any hard wood will work.
  9. I think when this is done it will play better then a prs and at a fraction of the cost
  10. I would like to jump in here and say the top carve is more comfortable then a prs I can't wait until it is ready to play this one. keep up the good work
  11. try tung oil varnish found at Home depot. tape off the finger board and you can simply had rub this on and wipe off let dry. do this several time and it will be a nice finish.
  12. I have 4 porter cable routers and love them all. I use one in a router table and two others are free to use for routing cavities one is a plunge router that is awesome. porter cable works great for me.
  13. poplar is fine for bodies. I have use poplar for a guitar and finished it in a solid color. if you have the wood I say use it. the only thing about poplar is the grain can have some different color through it. the tone is like alder in some ways.
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